No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1395

“Master Jack, your fighting power is too strong!”

Liah also flew back, looking at Jack with envy: “How do I feel, you are not in the middle stage of True God Realm at all, but at least in late True God Realm or the True God Realm Peak!”

“Yeah, when you break through to the True God Realm late stage, I know that even some of the True God Realm Peak powerhouses will be afraid of you, right?”

Martin was even more envious. After thinking about the past, I couldn’t help but laugh at himself: “Hehe, thinking about the past, I still looked down on you. Now, I have been stepped on by you! Hey, I can only accept it!”

“Don’t praise me, you two!”

Jack smiled lightly and flipped his hand, and two healing pills appeared in front of them: “Take it to heal your injuries. Look at your injuries.They seem very heavy!”

“Hey, you’re welcome, thank you Master!” The two of them smiled, took the pills given by Jack, and swallowed them.

After only a moment, Mason felt the dominance of this healing pill, and he clearly felt that the injuries on his body were recovering at a point, and the wounds in several places were actually healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“My God, master, how come your healing pill is so effective? No, you have to teach me to refine it when you are free. I can’t refine this pill. Should I still be able to learn this pill?”

Martin immediately looked at Jack with great excitement.

“Okay, when the game is over, and I return to the White’s house and I will teach you how to refine it. This kind of pill is not difficult to refine, mainly because of the combination of the ingredients of some drugs. As long as you master it, that’s it!”

Jack smiled, leading everyone, and soon came to the place where everyone gathered.

“My dear, there are so many people here, there are three golden flowers from the Cabello family, and Rufus from the Tudor family, they are all here!”

When they arrived in the woods, they saw that there were so many here. Afterwards, Martin, Liah and others were stunned.

“Let’s wait for these two days. After tomorrow is over, we will set off to the mountain together to find more tokens!”

Jack also sat down and waited closely for the arrival of the White family.

In the afternoon, a lot of people from the White family and Tudor family came here. After they found out about Jack and others, they were all happy.

Especially the people who had been chased by the Lagorio family or Trevino family before and escaped from them were even more relieved. As long as the next few days pass, they will basically be able to leave here safely and end the game.

Of course, there are fewer and fewer people participating in the competition.

Two days passed quickly. On the third day, everyone set out and went straight up the mountain.

Of course, as for how to distribute the tokens and trophies obtained, everyone decided that according to the previous agreement, the White family would get 40%, and the other two would get 30% each.

In the other direction of Kobe Mountain, several masters from the Hunt family finally met Cloud Hunt.

“Master, great, I finally found you!” One of the men was extremely excited.

Cloud nodded but his face was a bit solemn: “It’s strange, how come I haven’t met many people from the Hunt family along the way? Moreover, even the strongest from the Trevino family and Lagorio family are not around. Instead, I met some people with a low level of cultivation?”

The man suddenly had a gloomy face, and after thinking about it, he said very solemnly: “The eldest master, the second master, and a lot of people from the Hunt family, The strong of the Trevino family, even the strong of the Lagorio family, are all dead. We were on the road and saw their bodies!

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