No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1405

Sure enough, the long dragon that met Jack’s wave sword attack in front was obviously unable to hold on. It was attacked by the flying swords and finally cracked, and then shattered into pieces.

But Jack’s flying swords actually had more than a dozen blades, with indomitable momentum, they flew forward.

“No, it’s impossible!”

Cloud shook his head one after another, unable to believe this fact at all. His expression was extremely gloomy in an instant.

Seeing that those flying swords were getting closer and closer to him, Cloud condensed an aura shield on his body and completely wrapped himself in it, then turned and flew straight into the distance.

Cloud’s speed was very fast, but the swords quickly caught up with Cloud and attacked. They were blocked by his aura shield at first but soon broke the shield.

One of the flying swords landed on his thigh, and where the flying sword had hit, blood quickly appeared.

Although Cloud blocked the other blade, it still cut his clothes and left a slice on his arm.

“Ah!” Cloud yelled in pain.

“So you want to leave?” Jack saw that Cloud wanted to escape, he put away the shield, held his sword in his hand, and ran after him.

Cloud’s speed was too fast. In a flash, he went straight down the mountain and rushed into the woods.

Jack’s speed wasn’t slow either. He followed closely behind him. He didn’t want this guy to escape. If this guy escaped, there would be endless troubles.

“Boy, don’t force me…”

Cloud saw Jack chasing closer and closer. His speed was obviously slower than Jack. When he gritted his teeth, he flipped his palm and took out a pill and swallowed it.


After swallowing the pill, Cloud’s face immediately showed a hideous color, and his eye went bloodshot. His whole aura fluctuated violently.

He stopped moving, but the fluctuations in his body were climbing.

“Boy, you forced me. Although using this pill, my cultivation might fall a little bit, but if I can kill you two, that’s worth it, haha!”

Cloud laughed loudly, with an expression on his face of madness.

“What kind of pill did this guy swallow? Actually, his aura is getting stronger, and this kind of increase makes me feel that he is already at the peak of True God Realm!”

Helena looked forward in surprise, her heart dropping in fear.

“This guy must have taken some kind of very taboo pill, which allowed his cultivation level to be forcibly improved in a short time. However, listening to his words, this cultivation level should not last long. There should also be backlash in the follow-up, which will make him unable to keep his original cultivation base, and he will lose some of his cultivation base.”

Jack looked forward sternly, and said: “I’ve never seen such a pill. How long can the effect be maintained? Now, that’s really troublesome!”


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