No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1407

Helena looked at Daniella, and slashed forward with her sword. In order to prevent Daniella from worrying, she smiled and said: “It’s okay, the young master has suffered a serious injury, and now Jack can handle it alone. He asked me to come and help, and he will come over after killing Cloud!”

“Really? I know he will do it. Let’s kill everyone!” Daniella was very happy after hearing this, and upon hearing this, everyone’s morale rose sharply, and they attacked desperately.

Not to mention, Helena’s lie was really useful. After Rufus and the others heard them, their morale rose sharply. However the opponents didn’t have any fighting spirit anymore. Hearing these words, one by one they became a mess, and he didn’t even think about resisting. They all thought about how to rush out and escape.

Under such circumstances, the killing was getting faster and faster, and the casualties on the White Family’s side were not much.

“Boy, you dare to stay alone, then I’ll kill you first!”

In the sky not far away, Cloud looked at Jack hatefully, and there was an extremely violent aura all over his body. His muscles bulged a lot, and they seemed to be full of strength.

“Haha, come on, your brother should be damned, he dared to snatch my woman, he deserved to die!” Fearing that the other party would not chase him, Jack threw out his taunt and then jumped on top of the flying sword. He said: “Hah if you want to kill me, then you have to see if you can catch up with me first!”

After speaking, Jack controlled the flying sword and went straight ahead.

“He actually said my brother deserved to die, you deserve to die!”

Cloud, who was about to lose his sanity because of the side effects of the pill, was even more angry when he heard what Jack said. He completely forgot about the battle raging and turned directly into an afterimage, and chased after Jack in front of him.

Seeing that the other party was about to catch up with him, Jack deliberately sped up a little bit.

“Come on, haha, you can’t even chase after me, and you want to kill me!”

Jack laughed, and he was very grateful. After all, with the help of an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon, his flight speed is really fast. The opponent’s current combat effectiveness is indeed good, but it is not so easy to catch up with him.

In addition, he flickered from left to right, so even though Cloud wanted to attack him, there was no way.

“Bastard, just you wait!” Cloud yelled.

After a while, the two disappeared out of sight of everyone.

After a while, Daniella still didn’t see Jack come back. Then she looked back and suddenly her face sank: “Eldest sister, where is Jack? Why are he and Cloud both gone?”

Helena didn’t know how to answer. After thinking about it, she said: “Maybe Cloud wanted to escape and Jack chased him.”

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