No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1420

“It’s amazing, it seems they should be coming out soon!”

Outside the light curtain, people from many families looked at the huge light blue light curtain one by one with emotion.

Jared was even more confident. He took a few steps forward and said loudly, “Everyone, this time, a lot of masters have obviously died. Hey, this is also a kind of exercise for them. The masters who come down are all true masters. They have been baptized with blood, and they will definitely be able to go further in the future!”

Jared didn’t know that his own eldest son was already dead. After taking his medicine, the secret technique that allowed him to connect with his son was no longer working. Therefore, he didn’t feel Cloud’s death at all.

Therefore, he naturally thought that Cloud must be alive now, and he must have avenged Chet.

“Yeah, the masters who survived will definitely do something big in the future!”

Trenton, the head of the Lagorio family, also joined with a smile. He believes that Jack is dead, and the three of them will join forces and they will definitely get their desired result.

The only surprise was that they seemed to guard against the mobs of the other party in the later stage, so their people should have died a lot.

However, as long as Jack, the White Family’s contestant, even if they lost three or four hundred, as long as Jack also died, that would be enough.

The Master of the Trevino family also stood up with a smile,”Yes, the rules were said before the game. Everyone should abide by the rules. Even the second son of the Master Hunt died, he also recognized it, although he must be very sad. But, this is also God’s will, everyone can only recognize it!”

Jared nodded, “Hey, it’s okay. It’s been so many days. At the beginning, it must be unacceptable, and it’s normal to feel sad. Yes, I believe that after coming out for a while, there will definitely be a lot of people here, and they will feel sad, but as for them, they knew the risks. This emotional matter should not be taken too seriously!”

“Of course, Master Hunt is too right!”

Trenton said with a smile, then looked at Nash, and then asked Nash, “Master White, your son is a master. By the way, one of your two sons went to a dangerous place and never came back. He is obviously dead. This is a pity as that is also my grandson, and I am also heartbroken!”

At this point, Trenton After a pause, he continued, “However, if your second son Jack dies too, I am afraid that you will have more heartache than me? At that time, you will only have one daughter, Yule!”

Jared knew that Trenton hated Nash, since the other party liked to pat himself on the back so much and wanted to flatter the Hunt family, he simply also went aside and helped to say something,”Yes, in that case, the White family head is really miserable, I at least still have an elder son, while you, you really have no son at all!”

Master Trevino smiled, “His daughter also followed to participate in the competition. Right? What if she died inside? I’m afraid he has to go home and hurry up to make talents. Otherwise, he will really be the last in his line!”

Nash really did not expect that these three Masters would unexpectedly say such words in front of everyone. He had a gloomy expression on his face.

Seeing Nash’s unsightly face, Trenton smiled again, “What’s wrong? Master White, we just made a joke. The contestants haven’t come out yet, are you really scared? You can’t even take a joke?”

Nash glared at the other side fiercely before saying, “Trenton, you also said, the contestants haven’t come out yet, how do you know that my son is dead? My son’s combat effectiveness is not as good as some masters, and his cultivation base is not as good as some masters. However, the forest inside is as big as Kobe Mountain. He may not have met those strong people. As long as he pays attention, I believe he will be able to survive!”

Nash White looked at the screen and said, “And my daughter, she will be able to come out.”

At this moment, above the light curtain, suddenly several people were thrown out. They did not pay attention and accidentally fell to the ground.

“Ouch, I didn’t expect to be thrown out!”

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