No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1422

“What are you worrying about? He will be coming out soon!”

When Beth saw everyone’s incomparable expectations, she couldn’t help but throw a blank stare at everyone before saying.

“He will be here soon!”

Nash was stunned, and immediately his face revealed a wildly joyful look, “Great, so my son is definitely fine and will come out soon!”

After saying that, I don’t know if it was because he was too excited, but Nash actually walked up to Trenton and then said, incomparably bragging, “Did you hear that? After our White family’s people came out, they said Jack is fine, he’s fine, he’s coming out soon!”

“That, how is that possible?” Trenton frowned, feeling too incredulous, could it be that Jack wasn’t in the final battle? Or, this kid must be a coward and in the last few days he most likely found a place to hide, waiting for the end of the competition.

Sure enough, just at this time, a figure was thrown out and almost fell on the ground, he quickly gathered aura on his feet, which slowly landed on the ground.

“Great, Young Master Jack has come out!”

Many of the White family elders and guardians and so on who followed over were overjoyed, Jack’s talent was evident to all.

Now Jack can be said to be the hope of the White family’s younger generation, many people are expecting him to become the next family head in the future, he has already won the hearts of the people.

If Jack died, it would really be a great loss for the White family.

“How is it possible? This kid, he really came out alive!”

Jared, the head of the Hunt family, his face instantly sank, and his heart was somewhat speechless.

His heart also suspected that his second son must have been killed by Jack and Helena. After all, there was a conflict between his son and them before, and his son did not want to participate in the competition before, feeling that it was meaningless. Since the conflict occurred, this is why he decided to participate in the competition.

So, the possibility is really high.

If Jack was still alive, then it meant that Cloud had most likely not yet avenged Chet.

“Could it be that there is someone else?”

The elder of the Hunt family, who was on the side, also couldn’t help but frown, and secretly guessed in his heart, after all, what exactly happened inside, they didn’t know anything at all.

The Hunt Family’s First Elder, after thinking about it, then said. “So many people inside, I do not believe that no one knows, or saw how the second young master died!”

More and more people were thrown out from the light shield, and Jack was slowly coming this way.

However, before he could reach his dad, Jack was stopped by Alejandro.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

Jack frowned, after all, the relationship between these two families had not been very good.

Alejandro immediately smiled awkwardly and asked, “Jack, you and Helena, you are a couple, right? Have you seen my three daughters there? Do you know anything about them?”

Jack could see that Alejandro was really worried about his three daughters, perhaps this is fatherly love.

He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, they are all alive and kicking, of course they are fine!”

“Great, it’s good that they’re all alive!”

Only then did Alejandro take a few steps back, giving way to Jack, the stone hanging in his heart dropped.

After all they are his three daughters, although their talent is good, but this time too many people died, which makes his heart inevitably a little worried. Especially for Daniella as her cultivation was only in the early stage of the True God realm. He was really worried about her the most.

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