No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1423

Obviously Jack’s words undoubtedly gave him a piece of mind.

Sure enough, after another moment, Helena and the others, one by one, were all thrown out as well.

Even the people of the Cabello family, the people of the White family, and the people of the Tudor family, before long they all came out. more than a hundred or two hundred people.

“I heard that Chet Hunt died, right?” When Jack arrived in front of Nash, he then asked Jack.

Jack smiled, then said, “We can talk about that in a while. I think some people from the family will be angry and cry!”

Nash nodded, indeed, there are some things, it is not good to talk about here, even if it is said in a low voice, but in case people from other families around hear it, it is not a good thing.

“Will I be angry and cry?”

Nash froze, quickly thought of something, a burst of wild joy was in his heart.

Previously, they could all tell something from the top of that light screen. The Hunt family’s people, it seemed that they had organized people from other families and were rounding up masters from other families.

However, looking at this, the chances are that they obviously failed.

“Strange, our family’s people, how come not many of them came out?”

The people of the Norman family, seeing that the people of the White family as well as the Cabello family and other families. all had quite a lot come out, while not many people from their own side had come out, immediately panicked in their hearts.

Especially the family head’s three sons, up to now none of them have come out, which made everyone worry.

Time passed little by little, some third-class families still had about 300 people left, one was happy, while some only a hundred left, they were upset.

Moreover, that light screen became dimmer and dimmer, apparently, the people inside also came out with almost everyone out.


Trenton finally couldn’t help it, by now, of the four hundred contestants that their Lagorio family had entered, only twenty or so had come out, judging from this ratio, obviously, their family should have lost quite a few people.

His face was very ugly.

“Why hasn’t Cloud come out yet?”

Jared also had an ugly face, not only Cloud had not come out yet, the masters of the Hunt family, by now, only had a dozen come out, this situation was bad.

“Master, on the light screen, there are only a few dozen light dots!”

After another moment, the Hunt Family’s First Elder frowned and opened his mouth to remind. Apparently, there were only a few dozen people who hadn’t come out yet.

“Stop it!” Jared clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

After another ten seconds or so, the rest of the people came out, the White family still had about three hundred people left, while the Tudor family and the Cabello family, again, had about three hundred left, and only a few dozen people had died, which was clearly the best situation for their three families.

Even the Canmore family and the Lucas family, they had like two hundred left, which is not good or bad.

“Impossible, why, how come Cloud also did not come out?”

The light screen disappeared, the Elder Hunt shook his head and could not believe this fact. Cloud’s cultivation and combat power, he knows, can be said to be the best person of the younger generation, and he actually did not come out.

Nash thought of what the other party had said before, could not help but feel funny, so he stepped forward and consoled. “Master Hunt, our condolences! You just said, this is all normal, and is a needed experience in order to let the young people grow up!”

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