No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1424

Hearing these words, the corner of Jared’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch a few times fiercely, his face was incomparably gloomy, just now he was laughing at others, but he didn’t expect that the words would be turned against him so quickly!

“Master Lagorio, your family, this time seems to have suffered heavy losses as well!”

“By the way, there’s also the Trevino family, how come there’s only a few left? Your three families, they’re all big families!”

Karima couldn’t help but stand out and mock them when she thought of the smug look of these guys earlier.

“Impossible, Cloud must not be dead yet, for sure!”

Jared thought for a while before suddenly shouting, at this time, his eyes were red, he could not accept the fact that his eldest son was also dead. Earlier on, Chet’s death, it was hard for him to get over it, now his heart was slightly more comfortable, unexpectedly, now his eldest son was also dead.

“Master Hunt, it’s all over, the formation is gone, and the light curtain is gone, Young Master he…”

An elder of the Hunt family, with the same grief on his face, took a step forward and said.

“Master Hunt, this, this ……”

Trenton also stepped forward, his face in addition to grief, showed the same look of disbelief. With their three families of masters combined, how could they not win? Moreover, the sacrifice of their three families is too big. Although the three families have a lot of masters, all of a sudden more than three hundred masters died, many of them top masters, which makes it really hard for them to accept all of a sudden.

“What is this? I didn’t expect that this would happen either!”

Jared glared at Trenton in exasperation, and wanted to say that this guy is too short-sighted. If you say that and people hear it then it would raise questions from others.

At this time, Jack stood out and said, “Master Hunt, there are some things I think you should explain.”

“Explain? Explain what?”

Jared’s face was incomparably gloomy, even a little angry, he had just lost his two sons. He was already very sad in his heart, he also suspected it was Jack and Helena who did it. After all, Helena was so beautiful, as long as she confused his son, then she took the opportunity to sneak attack. so that his son was seriously injured, and the two of them surrounded him together, the possibility of his son being killed would be high.

Unexpectedly, Jack actually dared to use this questioning tone with him.

“When we were fighting inside, some of us heard that your people from the Hunt family were going to join the people from the Lagorio family and the Trevino family to surround and kill the masters from our other families, isn’t this too much? Moreover, we often met people from your three families besieging our people together, and when they saw any fallen injured ones, they would unite to kill them!”

Jack smiled coldly and questioned Master Hunt.

“Yes, Jared, if you guys are like this, it’s too much. Did you guys collude to attack our people?”

Darryl was already furious, with his three sons dead and many Norman family members dead, with almost half of their family’s contestants dead, how could he not be angry? He now suspected that his three sons must have died because of this!

“Yes, it’s indeed too much if you guys colluded in advance like this, causing so many of us to die!”

There were several other people from several clans who also immediately stood out in protest.

“What kind of competition is this? I see that you guys just wanted to unite and kill quite a few of our family masters, right?” Alejandro of the Cabello Family, likewise, said with a huff.

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