No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1425

“Master of the Hunt family, I also hope that you can come out and explain!” Nash also said immediately.

When Jack saw what he said about the Hunt family immediately caused public outrage, he was relieved.

Originally, he believed that when Jared lost his two sons, that he would certainly be angry and when the time came, would also question the situation on the inside to find out the killer. Even if he can not kill now, it would certainly not be so easy to just forget.

Now Jack did not wait for Master Hunt’s anger and he immediately spoke out about this matter making the Hunt family passive.

“Bullshit!” Jared immediately slapped his thigh, then angrily said, “We never had such an idea, if that was the case, then how come so many people from our three families still died? If we had prepared before and our three families had joined forces, your people, who were alone at the beginning, would definitely have lost a lot more than us!”

Trenton also immediately said to Jack with hatred, “Jack, let me tell you, if you talk nonsense like this, you will get retribution!”


Jack smiled coldly and said, “So many people from so many clans, so many participants, they all met the same situation, they know best. Maybe I am talking nonsense, but it is impossible for them all to talk nonsense, right?”

Helena immediately stood out and said with a huff, “Master Lagorio, you wouldn’t be weak-minded, right? Let me tell you, many of our Cabello family members have met the masters of your three families and were chased by them. Even when they voluntarily handed over their tokens and voluntarily surrendered, your people killed them all!”

“Yes, yes, we, the people of the White family, also met many of these situations, and I was lucky enough to escape and survive in the end!” There was a young man from the White Family who stood out and affirmed this.

“That’s the way it was for our people too!”

“Yes, it was too much!”

The masters from the other families also said in a huff, this good competition felt more like they were being hunted. And these three families had grabbed the first opportunity, which naturally made them upset in their hearts.

Especially some of the third-class or second-class families were even more furious.

“Master Lagorio, is there anything else to say? Now it seems that it’s not my son who is spouting nonsense, right?”

Nash coldly smiled and looked at him, although the Hunt family is powerful, but, now, other than the Trevino family and the Lagorio family, all the other families, are on their side, which made him speak with more confidence, after all, they, the three families, can’t possibly go against so many families, right? The three of them are no match for the joint efforts of all these families!

“How do I know what’s going on? Anyway, our three families did not discuss these things privately before!”

Trenton was a bit vain and said with no energy, “Anyway, I just don’t know what is really going on? Besides, if this is really the case, how come so many of our people died instead? This does not add up!”

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