No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1430

“Yes, it seems, that pattern is really a map of our Daxia, previously, we did not look carefully, now that we think about it, it really does seem so.”

A family master, after recalling a bit, he was shocked.

“Err, these seven dangerous places are notorious as such fierce lands, but also very few people who went there came out alive! Although there are treasures inside, we do not dare to enter it!”

Another woman, after thinking about it, also nodded, “We searched all over the place, but we couldn’t find any information about this Ultimate God Realm, could it be that some of this stuff about the Ultimate God Realm is really inside these seven dangerous places?”

“Yeah, we’ve never been too deep into this dangerous place, could it be that there’s really something inside? Damn, should we go and try? Although it’s hard for people with demi-god realm cultivation to survive when they go, that’s because no one with True God realm cultivation has been there, if more of us go, if more people with True God realm cultivation go, won’t there be hope then?”

The Cabello family’s First Elder was already extremely eager and wanted to set off immediately.

Obviously, he was already old, and whose cultivation level had long reached the peak of the True God Realm, had long wanted to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, and if there was really any way that would allow him to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, then according to the legend, he would have a life span of two hundred years.

“First Elder Cabello, don’t be fooled by this kid!”

Unexpectedly, just at this time, the Hunt family’s old man coldly smiled, then said, “This kid, I think he is just making a wild guess and is completely unreliable, maybe he wants to trick us old men to go to the middle of the dangerous land, when the time comes, die inside it! After all, we are unsure of how dangerous it is inside!”

Hearing these words, the Cabello Family Grand Elder’s face instantly sank, and then asked Jack, “Kid, you don’t have any evidence at all, how can we believe you if you talk such nonsense?”

However, Jack laughed, “If I had any real clues, I wouldn’t even say it, but although this is my guess, there is still some basis for it.”

The crowd looked at Jack very quietly, seemingly expecting his next words. Even if it was just an inference, they hoped that Jack could give a more reasonable reasoning out, so that they would have a little more confidence.

Jack paused before saying, “Think about it, the Cabello Family First Elder’s ancient book, as well as talking of the legend of this Ultimate God Realm, it shows the existence of a third-grade pill formula and fourth-grade spiritual herbs and so on. This is enough to illustrate the reality of the Ultimate God Realm! Furthermore this formation is very old, it was left behind by people many years ago. The formation seems to be trying to tell us something! Only, it’s been too long. This stone pillar, I don’t know why it was destroyed, but it should be covering up something!”

After the crowd listened, one by one, they also nodded, after all, what Jack said seemed to prove one thing, that is, the authenticity of the Ultimate God Realm.

“How about this, about the matter that these seven dangerous places may hide the secret of Ultimate God Realm. I think, since this competition has just ended, let’s go back and rest first, and after a month, let’s discuss this matter again, what do you all think? After all, each family has also lost a lot of people. There must be some family heads or elders who are not in a good mood. During this period of time, we should adjust our mindset. We can try to break through the cultivation, and a month later, we will discuss this matter at a location, how’s that sound?”

After thinking about it, Jared finally said.

“I think this is good, then it is settled, how about this, our Cabello family happens to be in the middle, after a month, everyone comes to our Cabello family to discuss and see what to decide, how about that?”

After thinking about it, Alejandro took the initiative to propose.

“Haha, good, then it’s settled!” Jared laughed and said directly.

“Let’s go, all go!”

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