No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1431

Soon, each family head began to leave with their family one after another.

“Dad, Jack is my good friend, can I go to the White family to stay? In a month’s time, I’ll come back with them to the Cabello family!”

Just a short distance away, Daniella could not help but stammer, “Right, big sister also followed Jack in the competition, and Jack had saved our lives, right? Besides, he’s your boyfriend, don’t you want to go?”

The first thing that happened was that she was afraid that her father would suspect something, and that he would not let her go, so Daniella wanted to drag Helena along.

Helena began to sweat, she could see that Daniella was completely hopeless, she had just left Jack and couldn’t wait to follow him immediately. This girl was just too clingy.

However, she could only play along and smiled at Alejandro as she said, “Dad, why don’t we go out and have some fun? Just think of it as relaxing and unwinding, how about that?”

“This White family is our enemy, and you guys….” Alejandro still wanted to remind the two daughters as usual, but halfway through the sentence, he was a little bit unable to continue.

He thought about it before saying, “You should not follow. I know that you had said that it was all a ruse to make the Second Young Master Hunt give up, hence you pretended and said that Jack was your boyfriend. Regarding this matter, any discerning person can tell that it wasn’t real. I just did not expect Jack to actually help you, in fact he acquiesced, and even chose to admit, this kid, he definitely did a good thing!”

Helena frowned, it seems that there was no way to follow Daniella to the White family.

Seeing Helena’s appearance, Alejandro’s heart suddenly thumped, and then asked Helena, “My God, Helena, you are still thinking about going to the White family? Don’t tell me you’ve truly fallen for that kid?”

Helena suddenly panicked in her heart and hastily denied, “No, how is it possible? I have not known him as long as Daniella has known him. After all, he has saved our lives during the competition, and even saved the lives of many of our other masters, therefore we treat him as a good friend!”

Venus at the side after thinking, also couldn’t help but say to Alejandro, “Dad, I think that we should ease up our two families’ relationships, shouldn’t we? As the saying goes, it’s better to settle grievances, right? Back then, during those events, both sides suffered losses and had deaths. Besides, this killing for treasure is also very normal, right?”

“This ……”

Alejandro has actually had this idea for a long time, just that, on top of this matter, he has always been very resolute in his position, he just really couldn’t afford to lose face.

“Master Cabello, young master Jack really saved our lives, so about that old matter, how about forgetting it?”

There was a young master of the Cabello family, who also stood out and said helpfully.

“Yes, Master, let’s forget it!”

Several young masters also stood out.

“Okay, okay!”

Alejandro laughed bitterly before he flipped his palm and took out several second grade low grade spirit herbs, then handed them to Helena, “You and Daniella go after them, say that our two families’ matters are cleared, and that this is a token of gratitude to Jack for helping our Cabello family!”

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