No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1433

The second elder faintly froze, then jokingly said, “It can’t be that you can’t let go of our young master, and that’s why they are catching up, right?”

Once Helena and Daniella heard this, the two beauties couldn’t help but have slightly red cheeks.

“Not at all!”

Daniella tilted her head, then took out the spirit grass and handed it to Nash: “By the way, Master White, my father said, this time In the competition, Jack saved our lives. Moreover, Jack also helped my sister to resolve the crisis. So looking at all of these things, the previous feud between the two families, hopefully, can be dissipated, and these are from my father’s heart, as a thank you to Jack!”

“Oh, I really didn’t expect that your father would become so polite!”

Nash had actually stopped hating the other party a long time ago. It was just that the other party targeted him at every turn, and sometimes he had to hit back at the other party, so that the people of their family wouldn’t be too tolerant.

He took the spirit grass and put it away, then smiled: “Good, good, our two families’ hatred can dissipate. I hope our two families can build more friendship in the future!”

“Hey hey, right, it just so happens that while we were in competition, we were quite stressed. My sister and I intend to go to your White family for a stroll, as a break. After all, Jack and ourselves can be classed as good friends, right? You will not mind, right?”

Daniella asked with a smile as she put her hands behind her back.

“Oh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait for the two of you to visit our house, this is something I can’t wait for!”

Nash laughed, he is not stupid, it seems like Jack’s relationships between the two girls was not like the relationship of ordinary friends. Otherwise, after sending the spirit grass, they should go back, so why do they still want to come visit our home?

“Could it be that Helena and Jack, as a fake couple, slowly developed real feelings?”

Finally, Nash thought secretly in his heart that he thought it was a great possibility. It should be that Helena would like Jack, but if she came alone, she was afraid of being seen. After all, the two were pretending to be lovers. If this was seen, she would be embarrassed at that time, so she called Daniella to come with her. If that was the case, it made sense.

“Second elder, the Hunt family young master was really killed by Jack, his combat power is too strong, you guys don’t underestimate him!”

Helena looked at the White family second elder, said: “But you rest assured, we will certainly keep it a secret. Although this is known by more people, paper can not cover the fire, I’m afraid that sooner or later, the Hunt’s will know, but we certainly will not say anything. At that time, maybe the White family will develop and surpass their Hunt family!”

“Beyond the Hunt family? Oh, this is too difficult, too difficult, we do not dare to think so! To be acknowledged as one of the Eight Shadow Families is already a great ambition!”

Nash was very modest, after he finished speaking, he looked at Jack again, wanting to confirm again, “Jack, did you really kill that Young Master Hunt?”

“Dad, really one-on-one, it’s hard for me to be his opponent, it was mainly with the help of my sword. This is what happened……”

Jack then briefly explained what happened.

“So that’s how it is, fortunately you have a very high quality spiritual weapon, the speed of the flying sword is also fast enough to delay the time, so that Cloud suffered the backlash of that elixir, which, come to think of it, is too thrilling!”

After everyone knew what was going on, Nash and the others only then had a burst of clarity in their hearts. Jack’s combat power, indeed, was so much weaker than the Hunt family’s young master, if it wasn’t for Helena teaming up to attack at the beginning, plus the flying sword delaying time later, it would have been impossible to come out alive.

“However, I feel that if I were to fight the young master of the Hunt family again now, he should not be my opponent at all!”

Jack, at this time, actually smiled slightly and said with confidence. “Even if now the people of the Hunt family know that I killed him, our White family is not easy to bully anymore!”

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