No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1436

The Trevino family’s head also panicked, “Then it’s definitely not our family’s people. After all, the second young master and the first young master’s cultivation is pretty good, the second-class and third-class family masters certainly do not have such ability, and the three young masters of the Norman family also died. There are only a few people who can do this, right?

Jared nodded, “No way, this breath, I can only swallow it and bear with it first!”

“Cough, Master Hunt, we had agreed beforehand that on completion of this matter, you would give us two spiritual herbs or something? This is what you said, our two families lost so much, and you promised this benefit to us. You should honour it, right?”

After thinking about it, Trenton coughed slightly twice before asking with a cheeky face.

One of the reasons why both he and the Trevino Family Master hasn’t left yet was for this matter.

“Yes, Master Hunt, it’s definitely a promise!”

The Master Trevino also chimed in.

Unexpectedly, Jared said with a cold face, “I am talking about after the completion of the matter, was this not to be handed out at the end of the competition had this matter been successful. Now that our plan has failed, you want me to give you guys benefits as well? You guys are too greedy, right? Besides, your two families have died, and my Hunt family has lost so many people, not to mention, my two sons have died, and I still have to give you benefits?”

The Master Trevino and Trenton looked at each other, and both of them were so speechless again.

“Alright, then we’ll leave first, Master Hunt, our condolences for your loss!”

In the end, the two men could only bow to Jared and take their people away.

After walking a bit further away, Trenton could not help but curse, “Damn, he is too deceitful, not giving us any benefit at all, if I had known that this was the result, I would not have agreed to cooperate with them privately in the first place!”

The Master Trevino was thoughtful, smiled bitterly and said, “He did not give us any benefits, but I expected that, after all, this time so many masters of the Hunt family died. His two sons had also died. Whatever resources he promised us, he certainly will not give after that!”

After thinking about it, Trenton frowned again, then said to the Master Trevino, “Master Trevino, this Jared is an old fox, you mentioned that he said to go to the Cabello family a month later to discuss, will he privately find someone to go inside the seven dangerous places to explore first?”

“This possibility is still there, however, this possibility is not very large, because these seven dangerous places are full of danger. Nobody knows what is in there and they are deep, so nobody will go alone. Moreover, it’s not just one dangerous place, but seven dangerous places, so I believe they will definitely discuss it with us before making a decision!” Master Trevino thought for a while before he said.

“That’s right, if it’s just one dangerous place, they will definitely continue to think of ways to act, but seven dangerous places, they are just one family, how could they deal with it? Moreover, some of the dangerous places are not far from the four ancient clans!” After thinking about it, Trenton said.

Two days quickly passed.

“Sister, do you think that according to reason, shouldn’t brother-in-law have returned two or three days ago? It’s been almost a month and a half since they went out, how come they haven’t come back yet? I heard that this time the competition may be more dangerous, brother-in-law won’t have any problems, right?”

Inside the courtyard where Jack and the others lived, Ben looked at Selena, then said with a frown.

“Blah blah blah, don’t talk nonsense, your brother-in-law is so talented and has such high combat power, he won’t be in trouble!”

Selena, on the other hand, immediately gave Ben a white glance, then asked, “By the way, how’s your cultivation now? Don’t stick to Elaine every day, she needs to cultivate as well!”

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