No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1437

“Don’t worry, sister, I’m a first-grade grandmaster; I occasionally go to the mountain with Elaine to stroll around!”

Ben laughed and asked, “Your talent is better than mine, and you can cultivate more quietly than I can. I rarely see you cultivating your level; I’m afraid you’ve already become a third-grade master, right?”

“Third-grade master?” Selena smiled. “Oh, you also underestimate your sister, your sister is already a fourth-grade master.”

Selena frowned at her own cultivation improvement, and was not very satisfied “Hey, I can break through to the demi-god realm. The grandmaster cultivation is powerful, but he can not fly, a demi-god realm cultivation is good and can fly for a short time. With a demi-god realm cultivation level, even several ninth-grade grandmasters are not your foes!”

Ben laughed “Come on, I think you are greedy, your cultivation is already very good, I do not know how many people envy you for this cultivation breakthrough speed. I see you, if you reach the demi-god realm cultivation, you must want to break through to the True God realm cultivation sooner!”

At this time, Elaine actually also came back from outside, with Kylie who went out with her to play together.

“Kylie, you go inside and play, I have something to do with your mother!”

“Sister-in-law, what’s the matter?”

Seeing that Elaine had sent Kylie away, Selena’s eyebrows knitted slightly, sensing the fear that it was not a simple matter again, her expression also became serious.

“There is something, I do not know how to tell you, you have to take a minute to prepare yourself!”

After thinking about it, Elaine bit her lips.

Selena was immediately startled, thinking about Ben’s speculation just now, she now seriously doubted if Ben had just given her a precautionary shot, could it be that Jack really died in the competition?

Selena was silent for a moment before saying. “Did Jack die in the competition? Say it, I can handle it!”

“This is not true, this competition is estimated to have just ended a few days ago. How can we learn know yet? Nobody has even spread the word!” Elaine laughed bitterly before she said.

“That’s good!”

Selena’s heart felt suddenly relieved: “Then what is it, I see you so gloomy, making it seem like the sky is about to fall, and I didn’t have a moment to prepare!”

“It’s like this, I heard that, in Kobe City, the Cabello family’s first lady announced that she and Jack are a couple. People inside that city are all talking about it, it’s already out there, everyone is saying that Helena kissed Jack in the street, and the two announced that they are lovers!”

Elaine looked at Selena: “So, I feel, brother-in-law may want to marry a young wife, a second wife!”


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