No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1438

“Wait, you’re talking about the Cabello family’s eldest lady, Helena? Is it Daniella’s sister?”

Selena frowned, then asked with a surprised face, this news caught her a bit off guard. Moreover, the Cabello family’s eldest miss, was so proactive in the city, in front of many people, and took the initiative to forcefully kiss Jack? What is this?

“Yes, the rumor came out that it was Helena!” Elaine nodded: “‘I’m sure of it!”

“It can’t be, right? If it was Daniella, I think it still makes sense, I can see that Daniella looks at Jack differently. In fact, I have also been prepared. Now many family heads and what not, have several wives. some elders also. I can only say that he is an excellent man, and so there would be many people who like him!”

Selena smiled bitterly, then said again: “And, I think if Daniella and Jack are together, then it is also very good, for the development of the White family it is quite good, Daniella is simple-minded but thinking of giving my parents their family treasure, so that my parents can also become martial artists, and also can cultivate, is very kind. If the two families are married, it will be good for the development of the White family!”

Speaking of which, Selena didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as she said: “But how come it was Helena who kissed Jack? Why not Daniella? Have you guys misheard?”

“I also feel strange because, according to reason, they have not known each other for long, right? They should not have known each other before, they should have met only in Kobe City, right?”

Elaine was also confused.

She looked at Selena, then said with some admiration again, “Sister Selena, a woman like you, it’s really not simple. I think you have that feeling of being an empress! For Jack to be able to marry a wife like you is really considered a blessing!”

“You just asked me to prepare myself and that really scared me. I was worried he died, but instead you have news that he may have found a second wife. In my opinion, the latter news is not even bad news at all!”

Selena smiled, and said: “Of course, if he likes a woman who is not a good woman, I naturally will not agree, but the Cabello family’s three daughters, it is said that any one of them are very beautiful and very cultivated. The White family also needs to get on good terms with the Cabello family, so the White family will also benefit!”

“That’s right, after all, women are selfish, I was afraid you wouldn’t be happy!” Elaine laughed, then added: “No, in the future, ah, even if Jack has other wives, they all must listen to you only, you are the queen, they are all concubines!”

“You girl!” Selena gave Elaine a white look.

Ben heard the conversation between the two, he couldn’t help but cough twice and said to Elaine, “Ahem, Elaine, then do you want to be the queen?”

“Be the queen? Do you think you are Jack? If you can surpass your brother-in-law in cultivation, it’s not a bad idea! When your cultivation surpasses your brother-in-law, then I agree with you to find another wife, even if you find eight to ten, I’ll agree!”

Ben suddenly hung his head and said: “Forget it, that is more difficult than ascending to heaven!”

“Humph, you do not have the ability, and still want three wives and four concubines, dream on you!” Elaine coldly snorted.

Seeing her brother and her sister in law both flirting with each other, Selena, who was on the side, once again couldn’t help but laugh.

After another moment, Joan came out with Kylie in her arms.

She looked at Selena and the others. She worriedly asked: “Selena, Jack did not say how long he would be gone? It’s been so many days. Why hasn’t he come back yet? According to reason, it should have returned a few days ago, right? There’s nothing wrong, right?”

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