No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1440

“Honey, this is too dangerous for you, if not for that flying sword, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have come back!”

Selena’s heart had a burst of fear. She could feel that inside the forest it was extremely dangerous for jack and he couldn’t have a moment of carelessness.

“Haha, now there is no need to be afraid, this is also considered a blessing!”

At this time, Nash laughed out loud: “Jack, after killing Chet Hunt, was able to recover his alchemy formulas. He can now refine pills and has become a second-grade low-level alchemist. Moreover, with the help of a second-grade low-level pill, he has managed to break through to the late stage of the True God realm cultivation. Now his combat power is about the same as mine!”

“No way, Jack is so powerful?”

When Fiona heard this, she sucked in a breath of cold air, she really did not expect that her son-in-law was actually so excellent in his cultivation talent.

“My goodness, a second-grade low-level alchemist? Brother-in-law, you are too good! Does it mean that in the future, if you are happy, you can reward me with a second grade pill?”

Ben was also incomparably excited, with such a good brother-in-law. In the future, as long as I have a good relationship with my brother-in-law, then occasionally getting two pills should not be a difficult thing.

When Fiona heard this, her eyes also lit up and she immediately said, “That’s for sure, you are his brother-in-law, of course he is happy, after all, he has married such a beautiful sister like yours, can he not be happy? Right Jack?”

Jack couldn’t help but smile: “Yes, when in need of pills, I will naturally give. However, the pills, which also depend on the time, can’t be used too often.”

“Haha, good son-in-law, that’s fine!”

Andrew, on the other hand, laughed. He had no need to worry. Jack will be the next head of the White family so he does not need to worry about anything., He is getting old now so he can live a leisurely life here, and have a few more good years. But his own son, if with the help of Jack, can become a strong person with a cultivation like the True God realm or demi-god realm, then he will have it much better.

After all, as parents, naturally all want their sons and daughters to be good.

“Haha, in-laws, just rest assured, Jack will certainly not treat you badly!”

Nash laughed out loud, his face was so satisfied. Jack’s outlook had far surpassed that of Lance, and he was relieved that the White family could be handed over to Jack in the future.

Moreover, his heart is also very sure. Now that Jack is already so powerful, if in a few years, Jack can break through to the peak of the True God realm cultivation, then not even Master Hunt will be Jack’s opponent.

Although Master Hunt’s combat power is in the peak True God realm, but Jack’s combat power is not that simple.

“Great, looking at this, our White family is going to rise soon!”

“Yes, this time, the Trevino family, the Lagorio family and the Hunt family, have all lost so many masters. Because of this, our White family can really take advantage of the opportunity to rise!”

“However, young master Jack killed two young masters of the Hunt family. Everyone must not say anything, or else that Hunt family people will certainly make trouble sooner or later. What we have to do now is to secretly improve our cultivation and improve the overall strength of the family!”

Many people of the White family, after knowing the specific situation, then they also discussed it among themselves.

“By the way, this time, we also found out a big secret, that is, the seven dangerous places are likely to be related to the legend of the Ultimate God Realm. However, all these families have agreed that in a month’s time, they will go to the Cabello family to gather, and then discuss this, then go to the seven dangerous places to find clues!”

“I decided, within this month, everyone will not need to go out to find materials, we got a lot of cultivation resources this time. plus the rewards we won are quite a lot. I intend this month to tell the branch family’s that there is no need to pay cultivation resources. leave everyone to cultivate well for a month, we have the materials. We will also take out according to each person’s needs and distribute them down. Everyone will have a good month of cultivation!”


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