No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1441

“A person with a cultivation base of the eighth and ninth grade masters strives to break through to the demi-god realm, and those who strive to break through to the initial stage of True God Realm, especially those who have the peak cultivation base of the demi god realm. It is quite the key. As long as you make a breakthrough, our overall strength will be improved a lot. The number of people in the True God Realm cultivation is really crucial in a family!”

Nash looked at the crowd, and once again announced aloud to everyone.

Hearing this decision, Lancelot as well as Chad and others were happy with the news. They went back to tell their former branch-family, whom they knew would all be excited.

The White family is going to rise! It really is just around the corner! All of them, all of a sudden, felt that they saw hope.

“By the way, Miss Daniella, why are you and your sister also here? Could it be that it is to deliver that Bone Marrow Cleansing Water?”

Fiona quickly focused her attention on Daniella. Once she thought of that treasure that could help her wash her body and become a martial artist, her heart was a bit impatient.

In her opinion, this Daniella should have gone back after the competition, and now she had actually followed Jack and the others back, most likely with that treasure that they needed.

“Auntie, I, I haven’t gone back yet. Next time I go back, I will get some and bring it to you!”

Daniella had a grimace on her face. She originally said that in private, and was going to secretly get it, yet now Fiona had spouted that out in front of everyone here, including her sister!

“Okay, no rush, no rush!” Fiona smiled awkwardly, but, no matter what everyone could tell, she was anxious now.

On the side, Helena did not say anything, just frowned.

“Well, everyone go down to rest, tonight, we set up a banquet in the square halfway up the mountain and we will celebrate together, how about it? It’s been a long time since we’ve had so much fun!” Nash quickly said again.

“Good, haha, then we must have a few good drinks this time!”

The First Elder and the others, one by one, laughed and were obviously very happy as well.

“Right, I almost forgot, I still have to arrange accommodation for Miss Helena and Miss Daniella!” Nash quickly thought of something and said again.

“No need, uncle, I’ll stay in the same room I stayed in before, I’ll just stay with my sister, don’t bother!”

Daniella, on the other hand, smiled. Before, she was living inside Jack’s courtyard with them.

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