No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1442

“Haha, good, good!”

Nash then laughed: “In the future, our White family will treat the Cabello family as our own people. The relationship between our two families has been reconciled, and in the future we will help each other, just like with the Tudor family!”

“That’s for sure!” Daniella said with a smile.

Soon, the crowd dispersed.

“Helena, Daniella, you guys rest first. then in the evening, we will get together to celebrate properly, and we will also welcome you!” Jack looked at the two, then said.

“Sister, the scenery over here is nice, I’ll take you around first!”

Daniella nodded, then pulled Helena along with her and left.

Daniella was sensible, her heart knew very well that Jack and Selena had not seen each other for more than a month. The two must have endless words so she did not want to be here making a nuisance of herself.

“Kylie, come, give daddy a hug!”

Jack gave Kylie a hug, then kissed her on her cheeks and laughed: “Our little girl has grown so tall! I’ve only been gone a little while be she has obviously gotten taller!”

“Daddy, you are too powerful, in the future I want to be like you. Riding on a flying sword, flying around in the sky, flying as high as the moon!”

Kylie’s voice still had a faint childishness in it, and a rare look was revealed in her big bright eyes.

“Haha, good, when Kylie grows up, She can definitely fly as high as the moon!”

Jack laughed, holding Kylie he felt very warm in his heart. To be able to live so harmonious with his family, Jack felt that no matter how hard he worked, his life was worth it.

“Well, I am studying hard, the teacher said, I am learning the best and my memory is very good!” Kylie said as she looked at Jack for approval.

“Really? That’s great, make sure you listen to your teacher, got it?” Jack touched Kylie’s little head and said with a smile.

“Let’s go inside and take a good rest. I am afraid that you have worked hard on this journey. I know you must have used a lot of aura on your trip and in rushing home.” Selena looked at Jack, her eyes revealed a bit of distress.


The three members of the family soon went back to the courtyard where they lived.

When they arrived at the courtyard, Kylie went down to play in the courtyard, while Jack and Selena went into their room.

“Wife, did you miss me?”

After Jack closed the door, he could no longer help from holding the beauty in front of him in his arms. The faint scent of Selena was like an addiction.

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