No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1447

“Dad, thank you. I want to take revenge, but now with my cultivation level, it’s simply impossible. so I can only rely on you and the other Lagorio family elders!” Lily had a grateful look on her face.

“Silly girl, you are my daughter, I can’t possibly watch my daughter be bullied just like that!” Trenton smiled.

“By the way, Dad, how come we have not heard anything about Lance at all? There were several other families who went with him, I wonder if there was any news from their side!” Lily asked again after thinking about it.

Trenton once again helplessly shook his head: “No news, before coming back I asked them, and still no clues. Several of their families are not prepared to continue to look!”

“These guys, how can they stop looking for it? It’s too abominable, their own people are missing and they do not look for them?”

Lily listened, her heart was even more angry. If several other families are also sending people to continue to look, then the possibility of finding them is still very large. Now, they are actually not looking, does this not mean that the possibility of finding Lance is even smaller?

“Hey that’s different, they have searched for months. Some are the sons of some protectors, some are the sons of some elders, some are the nephews of the elders or something. They have searched for months, but can not find anyone, so they do not want to spend energy, and also risk losing people as that is a dangerous place!”

In Trenton’s heart there was a burst of helplessness, and he finally said to Lily: “Daughter, Lance actually may really have died, even the corpse swallowed by a demon beast. I hope you can accept this reality.”

Here, Trenton paused before saying, “However, let’s have people look for another 20 days, after 20 days, if we still have no news, we have to give up. We can’t keep looking like this, right? The other families are not looking, our chances of finding him are even smaller!”

“Okay, Dad, I know!”

Lily nodded with a dead heart, and after thinking about it, she suddenly thought of something and asked Trenton, “Right, dad, this matter about the Ultimate God Realm, the people of the Four Great Ancient Sects don’t know, right?”

The four ancient families are four huge clans. Even the Hunt family in front of them is not worth taking a look at. They are so much farther above the Eight Shadow Families. Of course, the people of the four ancient clans have not entered the mortal world, and stay in their own clan and cultivate. No one dares to provoke them.

The four ancient clans rarely interact with each other in normal times.

“The people of these Shadow families are not stupid. How can we tell the Four Ancient Clans? If we tell them, I’m afraid we won’t even have the chance to take part!”

Trenton laughed and quickly said: “This is a secretly powerful opportunity for our shadow families. If there is a chance to stand up, no one wants to be crushed by the four ancient sects, right?”

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