No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1449

“Eighth Elder, I want to avenge my son, so I still hope that you can keep my secret. This matter of me going to the Divine King Sect, to the Four Ancient Sects, I hope you won’t say anything about it!”

Lily looked at the eighth elder and said seriously, “This matter, when I return, I will explain it to my father!”

“Okay, however, I think if you go, I’m afraid that the other side will not even see you!”

The eighth elder laughed bitterly before continuing to ride the flying carpet straight to the direction of the Divine King Sect.

The people of the White Clan were all working hard on their cultivation, while Joseph and Adam and the others were hoping that they would be able to see if they could hit the early stage of the True God Realm within a month.

After all, they had also heard about the Ultimate God Realm and were naturally eager for it.

Seeing these disciples of Jack, each and every one of them was working hard to cultivate and impact their cultivation, Nash was naturally overjoyed.

When Jack had nothing to do, he accompanied several beautiful women to go shopping above the town, taught Kylie about cultivation, and also helped her wash her body, so that she became a martial artist and could cultivate.

But what Jack didn’t expect was that although Kylie was not very old, after washing her body, her talent was amazing. Just after washing her body, she had already reached the cultivation level of Martial Artist Third Rank.

This kind of talent can be said to be similar to Selena’s talent. Moreover, the most crucial thing is that this girl is still young. Therefore if she cultivates well in the future, she will definitely be able to achieve something.

After seeing Kylie’s cultivation, whether it was Nash or other White family people, everyone was happy. Kylie’s obedience and lovable appearance, made many people love her very much.

These couple of days, Daniella was obviously trying to please Kylie. Although initially, Kylie showed some resistance to this strange beautiful sister.

But over the next few days, Daniella always took Kylie to town shopping, buying some toys or something for her. Afterwards, the relationship between the two was as good as sisters.

At this time, Lily and the Eighth Elder of the Lagorio family had arrived outside of the Divine King Clan.

“Who is it? Do you know what this place is?”

Just when they arrived not far from the other clan’s gate, the two were stopped by a few disciples of the Divine King Sect.

“Brothers, we are from the Hidden Family, the Lagorio family, I am the Eighth Elder, and this is our family’s eldest miss, Miss Lily!”

The eighth elder took a look at these people and felt afraid that their cultivation level was not low, so he immediately arched his hand and explained respectfully.

“Is there a Lagorio family within the Hidden Families?”

There was a fellow, who faintly froze, and then said with a somewhat strange expression.

Obviously, the other party was deliberately mocking them and somewhat despised their Lagorio family.

“It appears that there is. Normally, we only inquire about the Eight Shadow Families. This Lagorio family seems to be good, it should be a second-class family!”

Another woman, after thinking about it, then said, “Second-class family huh? Then forget it, right? People from second-class families are not qualified to talk to people from our Divine King Sect!”

After hearing this, the man from before said directly with a cold face, “Let’s go, our elders or patriarchs over here, they are all very busy, where do they have time to talk to people from second-class families?”

The eighth elder and Lily looked at each other, and the faces of the two of them were filled with embarrassment beyond measure.

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