No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1459

“Help us destroy the White family, how about it?” Lily finally gave out her thoughts, “I know, this one thing may put you guys in a very difficult place, but, it can’t be helped, I want revenge, I must take revenge!”

“Wait!” Master Cang listened, his face confused, frowned, then said, “I seem to remember, the White family head is Nash White, correct? Lily Lagorio, isn’t she his woman? How come you want to kill him?”

“Humph, this cold-hearted man, found a woman in the common world. It is really disgraceful to say, but he also brought her and that bastard son back. Even if it was just bringing them back that would be okay, but he also wants to pass the family head’s position to his bastard son. You tell me, should I not be angry?”

When Lily thought of this matter, she was furious, and then said to Master Cang, “Now the White family is developing very well, their family elders have broken through to the peak of the True God realm cultivation. That damn bastard son is called Jack, and he has very good talent, but also good combat power. I heard that he has a very good spiritual weapon, I think it is an Ultimate Grade spiritual weapon. Also in the competition some time ago, our Lagorio family suffered heavy losses. I want to take revenge, but it is too difficult!”

“Well, the general situation, I basically know. You and your man turned against each other, so, want us to lend a hand to get rid of the White family, right?” After listening to it, Master Cang already had a rough idea of what was going on.

“Yes, as long as you guys are willing to help, this matter is very simple. After all, there are more than a dozen elders in your Cloud Sky Sect, each of them is a strong person at the peak cultivation of the True God Realm, for you guys, it’s really too easy!”

“Moreover, this time, I feel that you will definitely be able to find a way to break through to the Ultimate God Realm with this information. You will definitely be able to find it!”

The more Lily talked, the more excited she was, “So, I believe that the Ultimate God Realm is so important to you guys, and you know how important that is, right? This exchange condition of mine is not too much, right?”

Master Cang’s heart obviously somewhat moved. He was silent for a while, before he said again, “I would like to help you. But you also know our Cloud Sky Sect can not have no excuse to strike against a Shadow family. Once we strike, all the Shadow families including some second-class families will be united. If that happens, we will not be a match for all of them.”

Master Cang paused then said: “This has been our four ancient clans and the eight shadow families’ agreement, a tacit agreement for many years now. No one dares to easily break such a tacit agreement!”

“I also know that this matter really makes it difficult for you guys. but, I really have no other way out!” Lily frowned, after thinking and said, “So, if you guys do not help, I shall reveal nothing.”

“You will tell us nothing?”

When Master Cang heard this, a playful smile appeared on his face, “If you do not talk, are you not afraid that I will kill you and not let you leave?”

“Hehe, firstly, I believe that Master Cang would not do such a despicable and shameless thing. After all, as the Master of one of the four ancient sects, you strike out at a martial artist from a second-class family. if this were to get out, wouldn’t you be laughed at? My father and the others, they all know that I’ve come to look for you!”

Lily, however, laughed and said again, “Besides, if I really don’t say anything, what benefit will you get if you kill me? I didn’t think when I came, I could go back alive!”

“Gutsy, not bad for a daughter of the Lagorio family!”

The old man nodded in satisfaction, he found that this woman was more and more to his liking.

However, after thinking about it, he still couldn’t help but say, “How about I give you spirit herbs, any second grade ones, plus some pills or something, I believe you also need these things! You think about it, the White family is a first-class family with a lot of people, directly killing them, it would be impossible to not leave traces, and when it spreads that will be a problem!”

Hearing these words, Lily’s heart was happy, she knew, it seems that their original intention was really a play, the other party has been moved.

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