No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1464

“Hey, daughter, what do you mean there is no difference? I thought, you went to take a break? to be able to think things through? I did not expect, you actually went to tell the four ancient clans about it!”

Trenton sighed again: “You are too silly, although you get these treasures. But if other hidden families know what we did, they will certainly hate our Lagorio family, and the four ancient clans always do not interfere in the matters between the hidden families. This time we have benefits, but, in the long run, we will certainly be suppressed, the loss is not worth it!”

Trenton said, as he squatted down, unable to keep standing and then said: “It was easy to hold the thigh of the Hunt family, and maintain a good relationship with them. I did not expect you, you actually let them target us in the future! Hey, although you are well-intentioned, you indeed have done a bad thing!”

Unexpectedly, after hearing this, Lily smiled lightly and said, “Dad, you can not always look at things with your previous vision. You need to look at things with a developed vision. In the past, it was indeed the case, the hidden families,and the four ancient clans did not interfere with each other, but maintained a tacit understanding.”

“But, now the situation is different, now there is a possibility to get to the Ultimate God Realm. Who knows how many people will be able to break through to the Ultimate God Realm? Who will be the first to break through to the Ultimate God Realm. Perhaps the four ancient clans, or perhaps the people of a hidden family, anyway, this previous balance will soon be broken. this is an opportunity, if we can’t grasp the opportunity, then we will be eliminated!”

Lily said, fist clenched, and then seriously said: “Anyway, our Lagorio family can not be eliminated, we also have to take advantage of the momentum to rise to the top!”

After hearing this, Trenton also felt some truth and fell into silence.

However, after considering for a while, he still couldn’t help but say to Lily: “But the information about the Ultimate God Realm is all our guesses. Who knows, among the seven great danger areas, is there really a method for the Ultimate God Realm breakthrough? What if there is no such thing? When the time comes, our Lagorio family will really be finished!”

Lily’s mouth corner could not help but slightly twitch a few times. but she still quickly became firm: “I do not care, now we can only throw our weight around, we can only believe that there is definitely a method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm. Maybe it is some kind of spiritual fruit or something, and there is definitely a cultivation method!”

After thinking about it, the Eighth Elder also helped Lily persuade Trenton. “Yes, Master, I feel that the Elder Miss is right in such a decision. Although it is a bit risky, but, if we want revenge, if we do not act now, there is no chance at all!”

“Dad, just don’t worry, we’ll be able to take revenge soon!” Lily smiled once again before she said to Trenton, “The Cloud Sky Sect has promised us that they will help us!”

“Impossible, Cloud Sky Sect is also one of the four ancient sects, this White family is not a small family, it is one of the Eight Shadow Families. Once the White family is exterminated, the reaction will certainly not be small. When the time comes, if word gets out it will not be good. Besides, why should the Cloud Sky Sect help us, a second-class hidden family?” Trenton was first shocked, and soon shook his head feeling that this was too unbelievable, simply impossible.

“Dad, Master Cang fell in love with me at first sight. I reckon he will bring someone over tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to propose marriage, then inform the world and prepare for our wedding!”

Lily tried to make herself smile and said, “By then, I will be the high and mighty Ninth Wife!”

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