No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1467

However, Titus on the side frowned and said, “I’m afraid it’s not such a simple matter!”

After Jack opened the invitation and looked at it, his face was also instantly gloomy and looked at the crowd before he said, “This Ninth Wife is actually Lily Lagorio!”


The first elder and that other elder, the smiles on both of their faces instantly froze. their expression was as if they had seen a ghost, completely petrified.

Only now did they understand why Nash’s face was so ugly. Lily, formerly his wife, was the lady.

Although Lily did wrong last time, colluding with the Third Elder and trying to rebel, so that Nash would have been disgraced, but the two were after all a couple before.

Now, inviting him to Lily’s wedding, was this not to make Nash look bad? Those other people, how will they look at Nash? In private, what will be said?

“It’s too much, inviting other families is reasonable, this Master Cang should know that our family head is Lily’s ex-husband, he actually invited our White family, it’s really abominable!”

The First Elder quickly clenched his fist and said with a huff. “Family head, why don’t you just forget about going, we’ll just go!”

Unexpectedly, Nash shook his head with a bitter smile. “No! If this is only the wedding of other second-class families or someone from other families, it is reasonable for me not to go. But I am from the White family, if I do not attend the wedding of the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect, I am afraid that the other party will say that my White family does not give him face and that I had actually sent people below me, so this time I must go!”

“Hey, how awkward it would be to go!”

Another elder, sighed, to go to such a wedding, they were feeling uncomfortable.

After all, in the past Nash and Lily were very much in love. Just after the incident of Lance, Lily had changed, becoming very vicious and poisonous.

Of course in the past, before Jack became a soldier, in fact Lily was also very sinister, just then extremely well hidden.

“Attending the wedding and drinking the wine, it’ll be awkward. Anyways I am no longer with her, I will just attend the wedding as a stranger!”

Nash smiled bitterly, then said, “What I am most worried, is how Lily suddenly married the old man Master Cang, This is the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect. I worry Lily will use the Cloud Sky Sect to deal with our White family! After all, right now, she hates our White family members, all of them!”

Jack also has long thought of this.”This possibility is really not small, this time we got a lot of benefits, the White family is now also more powerful than before. Because of this, the Lagorio family wanted to strike against our White family, but it’s even more difficult to do, so Lily thought of borrowing the power of the Ancient Sect to deal with our White family.”

“Master, it is better not to go! I feel that if you went to this Banquet, what if you’re not able to come back, then it will be a problem!”

Titus heard Jack say so, sucked a breath of cold air, and worriedly advised.

“If I don’t go, the other side will definitely be angry, if I go, it’s also dangerous!”

The First Elder frowned and realized how much of a headache this matter was.

He finally stomped his foot and said with a huff, “This Lily, what a lowly woman, actually using such a tactic!”

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