No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1468

“Don’t worry, there is a tacit agreement between these four ancient clans and us, the hidden families. We have always been cautious and did not offend each other! Therefore, the possibility of the other party making a direct move against our White family is not very big!”

Seeing the First Elder anxious beyond measure, Nash after thinking about it said, “But this time if you go, the number of people can not be too many. Secondly, we have to be on our guard at the wedding, people from other ancient clans will also go, people from other families will also go, so they certainly can not make a move!”

Speaking here, Nash paused before continuing, “But on the way back, we have to be careful. I’m afraid that they will then ambush us. After all, if the other side only killed a few of us, it would not make too much noise. If they destroy our bodies, then the other side has nothing to be afraid of!”

Jack nodded, “Dad, so if you go this time, only you and I, and the First Elder will go! If there are more people, when we are besieged, those with low cultivation will be sacrificed there for nothing. If there are fewer people, we will be more flexible when escaping. Besides, with the strength and cultivation of the three of us, it won’t be easy for the other side to kill us!”

“Yes, young master Jack, you still have that flying sword, many people still don’t know it’s an Ultimate Grade spiritual weapon. With that thing, it’s not that easy for them to catch up, in case they want to ambush us on the way back, we’re not afraid!”

The First Elder’s eyes also immediately lit up, “When we fly far away, they won’t chase after the White family to kill them. after all, they won’t dare to make a big mess, right?”

“Well, just the three of us will do it. If there are more people, it will not be good to get away. Moreover, if there are more people, it will also affect the flying sword’s flight speed!”

Jack smiled, “It just so happens that the three of us don’t need to cultivate much lately, so let’s leave in three days, we should be able to make it! The others, just cultivate at home without worry!”

“The three of us are all strong people comparable to the peak of the True God realm, the current White family is not that easy to bully!”

Nash’s face was cold and his heart was full of anger. “I didn’t think that I would destroy the Lagorio family. After all, we were a couple at first, but I didn’t expect that the Lagorio family would be really aggressive. It looks like, in the future, there is an opportunity, I can not let the Lagorio family go!”

Jack thought about it, then looked at the second elder and now the third elder and said, “Second elder and third elder, you two now are at the late stage of True God Realm. In two days, I will refine second grade pills for you, and strive to give you two. Although you two have not been in the late stage of True God Realm for long, you can still try to push it, in case you succeed.”

Upon hearing this, the second elder was delighted in his heart and immediately arched his hand and said, “Many thanks to Young Master Jack!”

The new third elder was now Lancelot, who was from the branch family at the beginning. His cultivation had been good, he was already at the middle stage of the True God Realm before, and in a month or so he had already reached the late stage of the True God Realm. he also hadn’t been idle lately, and had been stabilizing his cultivation.

Although it seemed a little too rushed to let him try to break through to the peak cultivation of the True God Realm with pills now. The possibility of success was low, and he was afraid that the realm would not be too stable, but for him it was a good opportunity.

After all, Jack is willing to give him two second-grade low-level pills at once, such an opportunity it does not appear all the time.

The most critical thing is that now the White family is in need of strong people at the peak of the True God realm, and although the White family is developing very well, there are many crises.

If he and the second elder Titus both obtained a breakthrough, then together with Jack, Nash, and Kenneth, the White family had strong people with the battle power of the peak True God Realm. At that point they would not even be afraid of the Hunt family.

“Thank you, Young Master Jack, I am willing to give it a try!”

Lancelot also stepped forward and arched his hand to say thanks. Such an opportunity made those other elders with Mid True God Realm cultivation levels envious.

“Okay, then after three days, you guys shall come to me in the morning. I’ll give you the pills, afterwards, Me, the First Elder and father will set off again!”

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