No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1470

“Don’t worry, Young Master Jack, we will definitely do our best!”

Lancelot and the two of them took the elixir and thanked Jack once again before leaving.

“Dad, you guys have to come back early!”

Just at this time, Selena also walked out holding Kylie.

“Don’t worry. we’ll be back soon, you can listen to your mom at home, and when you study, you have to listen to your teacher, okay? Study well and cultivate well later!”

Jack looked at the lovely Kylie in front of him and couldn’t help but dotingly touch her little head.

“Mm, I will definitely cultivate well and become as strong as daddy in the future!”

Kylie nodded obediently. At such a young age, she actually understood things very well.

At this time, Daniella also came over, touched Kylie’s cheek, and then lightly smiled and said, “Kylie, your little aunt and I, will also be with your father and them, to attend other people’s wedding. But after we go, we may not come back with your father and them. Your aunt and I have to go back to our own home!”

When Kylie heard this, she was a little unhappy and said, “Aunt Daniella , if you go, it will not be fun, I still want to play with you!”

“Good girl, I will come back to you later when I have time, but you have to work hard to cultivate, and strive to break through early to become a cultivation expert!”

Daniella was also a little reluctant after looking at the little girl in front of her. These days spent together, she has come to regard Kylie as her own daughter.

Seeing that Daniella and Kylie’s relationship was very good, Selena also could not help but smile, “Kylie, do not worry, there is still plenty of time later, your Aunt Daniella has to go back and do something, when they are free, they will certainly come back to see you!”

“Mm!” Kylie nodded, her face once again returned to a lovely smile.

After another two or three minutes, First Elder Kenneth and Nash both came over. Jack quickly told them about Daniella and Helena’s intentions as well.

“Alright, since the two of them want to come with us, then let’s go together!”

Nash nodded his head and agreed.

Jack quickly took his flying sword out, then threw it ahead. The flying sword became quite large, while the five people flew up one after another and stood on it.

“Selena, don’t worry, we will be fine, you have a good cultivation at home, we will be back in four or five days at most!”

Jack turned around and admonished Selena before driving his flying sword and heading straight for the direction of the Cloud Sky Sect.

“Right, this road to the Cloud Sky Clan is estimated to have quite a few family forces. A little later on this road, if you meet other family people, and they recognize that your flying sword is an Ultimate Grade spiritual weapon, will it not be troublesome?”

After flying for a while, Daniella quickly thought of something and could not help but speak.

Unexpectedly, Jack smiled unconcernedly, “It’s okay. When I was only in the middle stage of the True God Realm, I was indeed afraid that people would know that it was a good weapon. But now that I’m in the late stage of the True God Realm, and these days I have also stabilized my cultivation, and you also know that my combat power is already stronger than ordinary people of this cultivation level now that I have such a sword, naturally I am not afraid of others grabbing it!”

Speaking of this, Jack paused before saying incomparably serious, “On the contrary, with this sword, people from other families would not dare to easily provoke our White family even more. After all, this weapon can increase one’s combat power by a lot, within the Shadow families, possibly only the Hunt family head can take us out.”

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