No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1473

Unexpectedly, Jared acted humbly, a rare occurrence indeed. He glanced at Nash and said, “Oh, what do you mean you’re relieved to hear this from me? The White family are the same as ours and other first-class families; we have the same position and there’s not much difference in our status, be it high or low. The Hunts were somewhat stronger back then as compared to other first-class families, but this may very well have changed as of late. I’d say the White family is progressing quite nicely!”

Nash knew this man did not mean what he said, thus he immediately waved his hand and interjected, “No, no, no… Your Hunt family cannot be so easily surpassed. Your inheritance isn’t something we can compare to. After all, your Hunt family has such an established inheritance!

Nash then looked forward and, in an attempt to shift the conversation, then spoke, “We’re here, we’re here… The Cloud Sky Sect has quite a large piece of territory. There are so many plazas and mountains around the area. Tsk, tsk! The Chi here is also very rich, and training here is definitely guaranteed. The Chi is much thicker compared to where our hidden families are located!

That’s for sure. This is how the world is. They are strong, and there are more than a dozen masters in the peak stage of the True God Realm. They also have a huge amount of masters in the final and middle stages of the True God Realm. Our families can’t simply compare to these ancient clans!”

Jared smiled bitterly before he glanced at Nash and added, “So, you’re forced to come here even if the person marrying the Cloud Sky Sect’s Master is your ex-wife, and you’re extremely embarrassed?”

“What else is there to say? I can only hate myself for being not strong enough.” Nash could only offer an awkward smile; everything was proven by a person’s strength, after all. The Four Ancients Clans was not something a secret family could contend against.

Jared drove his flying sword when he suddenly stopped. He turned to Nash and Karima with a frown on his solemn face. “By the way, family masters, I suddenly recalled something rather worrying.”

“Worried? Master Hunt, what do you have to worry about?” asked the curious Karima after she thought about it

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too sudden for Lily to marry Master Cang? I’ve been thinking about it, and they shouldn’t have known one another previously, right? Why did they suddenly announce that they’re getting married? There must be something hidden here, am I right?” fretted Jared as he looked far away, airing his worries. “Apart from that, if Lily Lagorio becomes the ninth wife, would she tell Master Cang information about the Ultimate God Realm? That doesn’t look too favorable for us.”

Nash and Karima exchanged glances as their expressions instantly turned grave. After all, everything had indeed happened so suddenly. Apart from that, with Lily and Master Cang getting married, this woman might tell the old man about the Ultimate God Realm to further strengthen the Cloud Sky Sect.

Nash was quiet momentarily before he said, “I had always felt that Lily got together with Master Cang because the woman had obviously seduced the other party, never expecting to succeed. Her main goal is to revolt against the White family. However, I forgot about this. This woman might’ve told that old guy about going into the dangerous areas, and that’s surely no good for us!”

“Sigh! There’s nothing we can do about it,” muttered Karima with a bitter smile. “We only have a very, very small chance if she talks about it, but we don’t know who’ll break through into the Ultimate God Realm first!”


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