No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1480

Thinking more about it, the frowning Kenneth spoke, “Young Master Jack, even if that’s the case, we can only assume that Lily went to the Cloud Sky Sect with hopes that they’ll act against her. I’m sure that her initial aim was to obtain something from them, but Master Cang happened to fall for her.”

Kenneth paused momentarily before he continued, “Still, this doesn’t indicate she had gone to the other ancient clans, right?”

“I thought so too in the beginning. However, I thought about it more, and the route from the Lagorio family to the Cloud Sky Sect indicated that she would’ve passed the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Divine Kings Sect. It won’t make sense if she doesn’t go to the ancient clans nearer to her. She must’ve gone to at least the Supreme Clarity Sect and Divine Kings Sect.

“I also came to a very important thought today. The masters and many of the elders from the Supreme Clarity Sect and Soaring Eagle Sect were there in the banquet, and those who were in the peak stage of the true god level were also there, right? Meanwhile, not many of those in the peak stage of the true god level from the Divine Kings Sect were there, and only the master and the deputy master were present. Apart from that, more than half of those who came were in the final stage of the True God Realm!”

Jack smiled and made another assumption, “Think about it. It’d make sense if those in the final stage of the true god level didn’t attend as they require training. Those who are in the peak stage of the true god level can no longer advance in their fighting prowess, so why didn’t they attend the wedding?”

Jack’s recall caused Nash to inhale sharply as he commented, “You mean to say that the members of the Divine Kings Sect had already acted? That they had sent masters into the Seven Dangers?”

Jack nodded. “That’s right. Our hidden families have a slightly weaker overall and individual strength. We had agreed back then that we needed to find time to discuss things, and that’s why we’ve yet to dispatch anyone, but an ancient clan like the Divine Kings Sect won’t be so calm if they received such information.”

“That’s going to be trouble. It’ll get tricky if they found out how to break through into the Ultimate God Realm before everyone else. By then, the Divine Kings Sect would have many masters in the Ultimate God Realm, and the other three ancient clans might fall into a passive state because they’re late.” Kenneth’s expression shifted into one of light bitterness.

Haunted by the thought, he spoke through gritted teeth at Nash, “Master, why don’t we stop waiting? What’s the point of a discussion? Let’s just go to the Seven Dangers. There’s only a few of us, and we can just search for a less dangerous place to enter. What if there really are ways to train for the Ultimate God Realm? We’d be one step ahead!”

“I…” Nash frowned, somewhat hesitant about it. After all, nobody knew how strong masters in the Ultimate God Realm were. Based on legends, however, such a realm made sure that several masters in the peak stage of the True God Realm might not be able to defeat a guy who had just achieved the Ultimate God Realm.

“Master, how will we know if we don’t try? There’s a possibility… It’s likely that those from the Hunt family and the other ancient clans had left earlier, no?” Kenneth once again persuaded Nash as he assessed the hesitation. “There are times falling back behind will decide the White family’s fate!”

Carefully pondering the situation, Nash decided, “I think we should wait. After all, we don’t need to wait any much longer. We’ve all made a pact previously, and if we act before the other families did, we might cause public anger.”

“Alright, that’s fine. It won’t be long anyway!” Kenneth sighed. “I’ll admit that it is somewhat dangerous if we go in alone, seeing as there are quite many strong monster beasts inside. I heard that there were many monster beasts of the True God Realm inside! That’s why nobody went deep into the area when they went searching for precious items.”

“That’s right. It’s something good for everybody that people from other families entered together, right?” Nash smiled bitterly. “Sigh, never mind that. If this happened a bit later, the people from our family would be able to raise their combat power. If that’s the case, those who enter would have a better chance of surviving!”


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