No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1483

The old man laughed out loud. “Whoever lands the killing blow on this young man will get the sword. How about that?”

The middle-aged man smirked at the challenge. “Sure,” he agreed, “it’s decided then!”

He then turned and stroked toward Jack. “Ferocious Wind Strike!”

A horrendous strike rushed toward Jack like a hurricane.

“Youngsters these days have no reverence for martial principles!” The old man was enraged when the middle-aged man attacked first; the old man was not even ready. If this attack could kill Jack, more so if he was weak, Jack’s sword would go to the middle-aged man instead of him!

Furious, he immediately adjusted his Chi and was ready to activate his martial skill.

“Burning Chop!” Jack, who was already prepared, swung his sword as his opponents made their move.

A strike that looked like a ball of flames was conjured, and the Chi that zipped through the air seemingly radiated heat. The Chi was extremely condensed and the fierce sword aura had perfectly fused with the Chi.

Meanwhile, Nash and Kenneth took on two opponents each and began fighting back. “Attack!”

Deafening explosions were heard, one that could cause deep terror.

At that moment, Jack and the middle-aged man’s attack clashed.

Confident in himself and his skills, the middle-aged man smirked triumphantly. ‘Hmph! You’re only in the final stage of the True God Realm, but I’m a senior elder of the Cloud Sky Sect. My fighting prowess had broken through into the peak stage of the true god level since long ago. This attack will cost you your life, and that flying sword of yours will be mine! My combat power will increase greatly with it!’

What he experienced and witnessed next, however, shocked him to the core. ‘Impossible!’ He noticed that his martial technique attack was in a stalemate with Jack’s attack, and that meant Jack’s combat power was on par with his.

Seconds later, the middle-aged man grew even more startled as he discovered his attack began to falter and weaken against Jack’s, but the latter’s attack consistently resisted and persisted.

‘How could this young man’s combat power be so powerful?’ The middle-aged man was stupefied on the spot as shock overwhelmed his features.

The middle-aged man’s downfall was brought during his loss of focus as Jack’s attack managed to shatter through his while just as he regained his focus. Unable to defend himself, the attack landed on him.

The middle-aged man was sent flying backward.


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