No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1484

The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with horror as the force sent him zipping through the air several meters away. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he stabilized himself by stepping in the middle of the air.

The old man who was initially prepared to attack Jack was also stunned. He temporarily dispersed his Chi and looked at the middle-aged man in surprise as he exclaimed, “What’s going on? That was a power move you unleashed there, yet you still couldn’t withstand his attack?”

The middle-aged man blushed in embarrassment. “I was careless; I underestimated that guy. I didn’t use my full energy and only used about seventy to eighty percent of my strength, thinking I’d test out his power. Who would’ve thought this guy would be so strong!”

“That’s more like it. You scared me a little back there!” The old man eased a little at his explanation—he was fearful that the middle-aged man could not contend against Jack. If that was the case, they would need to spend lots of energy to kill this young man who stood before them.

At that moment, Jack turned to look at Nash and Kenneth’s side.

Both men unleashed powerful attacks as if they had used up everything they had, but it seemed as though they were faltering by the moment as their opponents were much stronger. Apart from that, the opponents’ attack might be tentative attacks, and they had not used their full capacity.

Nonetheless, Jack was inwardly pleased after his test-out with the middle-aged man.

After all, he noticed that it was not that hard to fight off masters in the peak stage of the True God Realm, even if it was a master from the Four Ancients Clans. His previous attack was also just a tentative attack, and he had yet to go at his full capacity.

“That’s good… That’s good!” The old man’s confidence returned upon hearing the middle-aged man’s explanation. He activated his Chi with all his might and swung his palm toward Jack.

‘This old man is giving his all!’ The middle-aged man scowled upon noticing the several meters tall Chi palm in front of him. After all, he would be at a huge loss if the old man got to kill Jack, and whoever landed the killing blow on Jack would get the ultimate level spiritual tool as well.

“Burning Chop!” Jack took a sudden leap and swung his sword at his opponent when facing the attack.

His skill baffled the middle-aged man—he did not expect Jack to have used the same martial skill. This old man’s attack was obviously much stronger than his previous attack, and Jack might be killed if he reused the same technique.

‘Seems like this young man from the White family doesn’t have any strong martial skill. This so-called Burning Chop must be his best attack!’ The old man grew pompous when he saw Jack’s attack. In his opinion, the sword in Jack’s hands was already his for the taking.

However, his smile faltered the next second as he discovered that even the manner of this attack was much stronger. That speed and horrendous impact was incomparable to its former self. ‘That’s not right. This young man’s attack is much stronger than it was before!’

The middle-aged man also noticed the same problem quickly as he inhaled sharply. He thought that this young man had the lowest fighting prowess and should be the easiest to handle.

It soon occurred to him, however, that the young man’s combat power was incomparable to his fighting prowess. His combat power had highly surpassed his fighting prowess. Apart from that, this young man dared not use his full power in a situation, even as he faced two masters in the peak stage of the true god level to test his combat power.


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