No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1485

Both the middle-aged man and the old man were floored as Jack’s attack clashed against the old man’s huge Chi palm.

Unexpectedly, Jack’s attack blasted the huge Chi palm open like a sharp blade. A huge hole was left in the center, and although Jack’s attack had dwindled a little and it had slowed down, the attack’s remaining power raged still toward the old man.

The huge Chi palm flew several meters forward, despite the gaping hole left by Jack’s attack, before the palm eventually dissipated.

‘I—Impossible!’ Disbelief was written all over the old man’s face. He did not even hold back upon unleashing his attack, and though it was just one first-grade premium martial skill, it was an absolutely powerful martial skill. He even exerted the martial skill to its maximum potential.

The old man was horrified to the core upon seeing Jack’s attack fast approaching him. He quickly coagulated a huge Chi dome around himself to shield himself. It made him feel somewhat better, a little more at ease when the shield was formed as he believed no attacks could break through his shield.


Just as his protective Chi dome was formed, Jack’s attack pummeled against it and the dome started to fluctuate continuously.

A daunting crack appeared in the aftermath as it grew wider. Jack’s attack had successfully crushed the old man’s Chi protective dome!

“No!” The remaining large amount of power shot at the old man’s chest which sent him flying backward.

The old man zipped through the air due to the impact, further than the distance the middle-aged man was thrown back. The old man vomited blood as his face turned pale, wounds more grave than his younger counterpart.

“By the gods… This is impossible!” The middle-aged man was stunned by what he saw. He had never expected the old man to lose to Jack with his martial skill.

He thought about it and looked at the old man while probing, “Were you…testing him with that attack too? Don’t look down on our opponent!”

The old man was so angry that he almost vomited blood again. He glared at the middle-aged man and growled, “Testing, my foot! You think I’m testing him when I use that first-grade premium martial skill in that manner? Why don’t you try testing then? Curses… This young man is incredibly strong!”

Before then, Nash and Kenneth were very worried about Jack. If Jack failed to fight against them and was killed in action, his opponents would come to them both instead. They might not be able to put up much of a fight by then.

Both Nash and Kenneth had attempted to fight their way out of their own opponents, all to no avail as they were surrounded.

The sight of Jack wounding his opponents, however, flabbergasted them both. Never did they expect to see such a sight; the sight of Jack triumphing against his opponents!

Jack, surprisingly, still had the upper hand even when outnumbered!


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