No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1486

“Young Master Jack, keep on fighting! We can’t hold on any longer. It truly depends on your side now, see if you can create an opening to survive. Even if all of us can’t escape alive, you can!”

At this moment, Kenneth turned and shouted at Jack; he was drenched in sweat.

Jack was fighting two elite fighters alone. He just broke through to the peak stage of True God Realm not long ago, while his two opponents who were veterans of the Cloud Sky Sect were already at the peak of True God Realm. It had not been easy for Jack to hold out that long.

“Jack, don’t mind us! If you can create an opening to escape, please do so! Use that flying sword to escape quickly! I’m glad that you’re my son. Avenge us in the future when you have the opportunity!”

Nash was overwhelmed by the enemy. Before the real battle took off, the other party attacked him only to test out his prowess, and he could barely deal with it. But now, the other party seemed to have known the real deal on their side, so they began to show their true strength by using more terrifying martial skills and techniques!

Jack’s face immediately sank to the deepest upon hearing Nash and Kenneth’s words. If this went on, it would truly be troublesome. He could hold on longer, but his father and Kenneth obviously could not hold on much longer. If they had succumbed, Jack would have to face six of those fighters all alone.

The only hope was for Jack to kill the two in front of him, then only he could free up his hands and help his father and Kenneth and win the tough battle.

The two opponents also began to join forces and were constantly mobilizing their Chi energy in their bodies, preparing to give Jack a fatal blow.

“Let’s end this now!”

Jack tightened his grip around the longsword and injected his Chi energy into the sword continuously. A thick layer of black-colored aura enclosed the sword, making the sword appear domineering yet mysterious.

“Haha, brat, do you think you could beat both of us? What’s the matter? Seeing your father and the others dying makes you anxious? So you decided to give us the final blow? Dream on!”

The middle-aged man laughed out loud sarcastically.

“That’s right. Let’s not talk about killing you, even if we can’t kill, your father and the First Elder can’t hold out any longer if we drag on slightly longer. After that, what’s waiting for you is only death!”

The old man laughed sinisterly. In his opinion, they had already won for sure, there was no longer any suspense nor plot twist to it.

“Is that so? If I don’t try, how do I know if I could kill you two?”

Jack laughed icily. At that moment, the sword vibrated aggressively, and the aura enclosed around it shined bright like a diamond, fluctuating vigorously.

However, Kenneth did not manage to hold on; he was blasted and flew more than ten feet away, a mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth. His face instantly blanched.


The First Elder’s face was as pale as a white paper, but he still gritted his teeth and once again stomped his feet, and continued to control his Chi energy to fight with the other party.

“Hahaha! Old man, you’re injured! I’ll see how long you can hold on!”

Kenneth’s opponent—an old man—laughed out loud with a smug look.

“First Elder, please hold on!”

Jack’s face sank deeper, and killing intent surged in his eyes. He swung his arm and shouted out, “Blade Wave!”

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of terrifying Chi attacks in the form of blade waves shot out and charged forward. Behind the first wave of the blade wave was another wave, forming a series of blade waves. The attack flew toward the other party with unrelenting momentum.

“Be careful! His attack is strong!”

The two opponents—who were the veterans in the peak of True God Realm—already knew that Jack’s attack was strong with just one glance. They changed their demeanors, clenching their fists tightly and cast out a Chi attack. In front of them, two huge Chi attacks in the form of fierce tigers appeared.


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