No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1488

“Jack, go! Just go!”

Nash and Kenneth were not dead, but both of them were grievously injured and had no fighting power left.

However, the two shouted at Jack, pleading him to go. Jack had killed two opponents by himself, and now there was an opening in his direction; it was a golden opportunity to escape, even better if he used that flying sword to escape.

“Father, there’s no way I’m leaving you and the First Elder behind!”

Jack, however, refused the proposal, his face stern. He wheeled around and, in a flash, appeared in front of Nash and Kenneth, stopping the other four from killing Nash and Kenneth.

“This brat is powerful. He actually killed both Elder Keaton and Elder Landon!”

When the four men glanced at the two corpses on the ground, the corners of their mouth twitched involuntarily. That ending was something they did not anticipate at all.

“This brat is only at his late stage of the True God Realm. if he breaks through to the peak of the True God Realm, that’d be troublesome! By that time, I’m afraid that even our master is no match for him!”

One of the four said as he flew to the other side of Jack. Four of them surrounded Jack, who was now in the middle of the circle.

Nash and Kenneth exchanged looks, and both could not help but sigh out loud in their hearts. Jack had the best opportunity and golden time to escape from this battle but he gave it up!

“We can’t let this brat live! If the four of us join forces, it’ll definitely not be a problem to kill him!”

One of them was an old lady. She suggested it to the other three with a cold smile on her face.

However, little did everyone expect, Jack sneered in return. “If six of you joined forces, I’m truly not confident that I could survive. But I killed two just now, my chance of surviving and beating all of you is still there!”

“Kid, you’re truly a big talker, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Who do you think you are? Elder Keaton and Elder Landon have already made you use up a lot of Chi energy, and I think you’re pretty much exhausted by now. It’d be easy to kill you with only the four of us!”

When the other two elders heard Jack’s shameless statement, they responded in a huff. They felt that they were despised and being underestimated by Jack. They were four strong elite fighters at the peak of the True God Realm! How could that brat think that four of them were not even his opponents!

What they did not expect was that Jack waved and gestured the flying sword to fly straight toward Nash and Kenneth. The flying sword stopped right in front of them.

“Get onto the sword!” Jack commanded in a deep voice, his face turned expressionless.

Nash and Kenneth looked at each other, and they used all their strength to get up and hop onto the flying sword. Then, with the slightest movement of Jack’s hand, the flying sword flew upward and further away from him. The flying sword finally stopped after it was a considerable distance away from the battle scene.

“Oh, brat, you’re sending them far away so that we can’t attack them while fighting with you, right? Heh! You’re quite filial, aren’t you?” The old crone said in an icy tone. She studied Jack’s action and immediately understood his intentions. “But, even if you send them far away, it’d be pointless. The flying sword recognizes you as its master and not the other two; they can’t control the flying sword. So if you die, they can’t escape either! Moreover, you have now lost a premium spiritual weapon, your combat prowess will be weakened. In that case, I don’t see how you can beat the four of us!” she added coldly.


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