No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1489

Another old man, on the other hand, laughed at the situation. “Hahaha! His action is tantamount to committing suicide, right? Initially, he had a chance to escape, but now there is no chance anymore! Let’s join hands to kill him! By the time he dies, Nash and Kenneth won’t be able to escape as well!”

In the distance, Nash, and Kenneth, who was standing on the flying sword, each took a healing pill. Then they sat on the sword and rested. Their expression turned solemn as they looked in the direction where Jack and the other four were at.

“Master Nash, why did Young Master Jack do this? Isn’t this seeking death? In that case, there’s not even the slightest chance of victory!”

Kenneth’s face turned unsightly as he sighed again,”Young Master Jack, he’s too reckless this time!”

A gloomy face was on Nash as well. After giving the matter some thought, he then expressed his analysis. ” Although I don’t know why Jack wants to guarantee our safety first, I believe in him. Perhaps, he has some tricks up his sleeve that….”

When Nash was expressing his point of view, his voice got softer and softer; apparently, he was not too convinced of his own words either, even he felt that there was absolutely no chance for Jack to win. Other than flying swords, what else did Jack have?

“You’re forcing me to the corner, I have no other choice but to fight!”

Jack clenched his fists, soon his body shook violently, a powerful force swept the space. “I’ve been training in the True Dragon technique hard, and after breaking through to the True God Realm, I can actually transform into a real dragon. However, I have not tried it yet. Today, I’ll let you see what I truly am capable of!”

Just as his last word dropped, he roared, emitting a terrifying sound of a dragon’s roar.

A ray of green light flashed before everyone, and Jack who initially was human turned into a huge real dragon, a green dragon that was hundreds of feet long.

“Mas-master! My eyes are functioning well, right? Am I seeing something wrong? What kind of technique did Young Master Jack use to train? Does it actually transform Young Master Jack into a dragon? That is a real dragon!”

Far from the battle, in the distance, Kenneth shouted in a trembling yet excited voice. He could not help but keep rubbing his eyes, just to make sure he was not hallucinating.

“Hmmm. I think he…he mentioned the True Dragon technique just now!”

Similar to Kenneth, Nash was shocked down to the soles of his shoes. That was his first time seeing a dragon, and the most incredible part was that the dragon was Jack! Jack transformed into a real dragon!

After he thought about it, he could not help but become worried. “Jack has transformed into a dragon, but I don’t know what strength and combat power it has.

What’s more concerning is, his transformation is not some kind of horrible voodoo art, right? I don’t know if there’ll be any backlash from this transformation!”

Kenneth’s heart immediately got worried upon hearing Nash’s words. He was afraid that Jack had to pay a price to perform this transformation technique.

“What-what the heck? This is not real, right?”

Looking at the green dragon that emitted mighty dragon aura and power in front of them, the four elders who surrounded Jack earlier on, flew backward unconsciously to distance themselves from the dragon. They were in a complete state of shock and surprise; was it their first time witnessing such a thing.

“Playing the devil? Guys, don’t be afraid! This brat is just playing some dirty tricks in hopes of scaring us away! I don’t believe that he can increase his combat power this much after the battle with Elder Keaton and Elder Landon!”

One of the four, an old man, clutched the sword in his grip as he shouted. “No matter what you are, God, Buddha, Jesus, or even a dragon, I will end your life! If we join forces, we can behead it!” the old man pointed his sword toward Jack.

“He’s right! Let’s kill it together! There’s nothing to be afraid of!”

Another man chimed in and concurred with the old man, at the same time, cheering for himself. After all, the dragon emitted a humongous dragon aura as though it was the mightiest creature on the earth. not allowing the mere mortal to desecrate it, gave the four of them a strong sense of oppression.


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