No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1490

Jack, who had now transformed into a green dragon, performed the moves of the technique for the first time. After the transformation, he could instantly feel the increase of power and strength inside his body; both the thickness and richness of his overall strength were enhanced tremendously.

On top of that, his body was way more powerful and robust than before, he believed that his attack resistance had improved immensely as well.

Nonetheless, the only thing that worried him was that his body was indeed bigger and stronger now, but his speed and agility would be compromised, and he would not be as fast as before.

“Kill him!”

The old lady shouted huffily, and she, who had already injected her Chi energy into her sword, swung her arm, sending out two consecutive sword attacks toward Jack.

The green dragon once again let out a deafening roar after seeing the old lady’s attack and directly charged at the old crone.

“Kill him now!”

The other three immediately waved their swords to join the battle, casting out several sword auras toward the gigantic green dragon-Jack.

Jack did not care about those sword auras at all; he continued to storm toward the old lady.

The two sword auras that the old lady cast out were destroyed by Jack in a blink of an eye, leaving only two teeny tiny cut marks on top of Jack’s head.

“What the hell? My attacks only cause two small cuts?”

The old woman stared at the damage she had done on Jack, her face blanched as though all colors leached from her face. Her attacks were of high quality and full power; she truly did not expect that her attacks did not leave any serious injuries on Jack’s body. The skin of the green dragon was thick and impenetrable, the overall strength and build were way too remarkable.

Jack did not flinch in the slightest, he continued storming toward the old woman.

The attacks from the other three had finally landed on Jack’s body, however, the attacks caused only a few small gouges; the wounds seemed to be nothing at all for the green dragon who had a huge body.


When the old woman saw that the green dragon did not flinch in the slightest, and received the three’s attacks head-on, she shrieked hysterically, and white color crept up her face. Terror twisted in her gut. She was then blasted away by the impact of the green dragon’s head.

A mouthful of fresh and bright red blood spurted out from the old crone; she flew backward intensely for several meters like a kite with a broken string before she was able to stabilize herself.

Another mouthful of blood gushed out of her mouth, her face became even more unsightly and pale. The blow from Jack just now did cause her some serious injuries.

“What a powerful physique!”

One of the other three old man, tried his best to fight a rising panic in him after seeing the scene before him. This, all of this, was way beyond their imagination!

“This is too scary! This brat truly has the power of a dragon after transforming into one!”

Another one of the other three, was the middle-aged man, who stood next to the old man gasping at the situation. He then sent out a few more sword auras, hoping to hurt the dragon, but the attacks only left several shallow slashes on the green dragon’s body.

Although Jack’s body had become strong, the attacks still caused him pain. Jack immediately changed his strategy by swinging his big dragon tail, swiping side to side.

“Dodge it!”

The old man and the middle-aged man exchanged glances and both of them were frightened to the bottom of their hearts. The impact of the swiping tail would not be less powerful than the impact just now.

The two men immediately stomped and hopped upward, preparing to fly further away. However, the speed of the green dragon was too fast, the tail came straight over and smacked the two men, sending them backward far away.


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