No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1491

Two dull thuds rang out; the two men were jerked a few meters away, each of them spurting out a mouthful of blood and sustaining injuries.

The green dragon, however, did not cease his attack for a moment. Jack swung his body, and he flew up to the sky, going for another dive. He then bolted downward in the direction of the other man who was still casting Chi attacks at him.

After knowing that the other three were injured, this man here performed a few more random attacks but not much effect and damage were left on Jack’s body.

The green dragon sprinted straight toward him at full speed and strength, blanching his face white, and he quickly ran in the direction of the old crone and the other two men.” Everyone, quick! Attack it! Quickly…” He ran as he spoke.

Although at the peak stage of the True God Realm, they were so vulnerable under the tremendous power of that dragon claw.

“This is too much! All three of us are severely injured, we’re not his opponent! Run while we can! This beast is overwhelmingly powerful!”

“You’re right! The four of us were not even his opponent, not to mention there’s only three of us left and injured at that. We certainly can’t beat him!”

The old lady and old man yelled. They underwent a lot of work and challenges to reach who they are today, naturally they did not want to die. It was the first time they felt the threat of death. Fear pulsed through them, and all colors drained from their faces.

“What angers me is that his body is too hard and impenetrable. Although our attacks could hurt him, he can completely resist them!”

The middle-aged man dispatched another sword chop toward the dragon, and finally, the attack left a nice sword scar on the dragon’s body where blood flowed out.

However, the attack did not cause any severe nor substantial damage to Jack – who had transformed into a green dragon, but instead it angered him.

With a deafening roar, he made a fierce acceleration and headed straight for the middle-aged man.

“Run, run!”

The middle-aged man shouted in terror. He looked up to the sky, the dragon claw was right above him; he panicked and quickly flashed to the side, barely dodging the dragon claw.

Nonetheless, the green dragon charged again and aimed at the middle-aged man, attempting to grab the man.


This time, the middle-aged man was not so lucky anymore. He was caught by the sharp dragon claws, and just like the guy before, he was squeezed into meat paste.

In the distance, Nash and Kenneth, who were resting on the flying sword, had been completely dumbfounded at the situation. Jack, who had transformed into a green dragon, his attack and strength were too dominating and overpowering. Although Jack was fighting for his life, he managed to kill two powerhouses who were at the peak stage of True God Realm in such a short time. That was something they did not even dare to dream about before.

Together with Elder Keaton and Elder Landon, there were four who had been killed by Jack!

The old woman and the old man, who were fast, both fled separately in different directions.

Nevertheless, what they did not expect was for the green dragon to spit out two enormous fireballs from its mouth, directed toward the two, burning them to death.

“Oh, my goodness! Master, he is too strong! This technique of Young Master Jack was insanely strong!”

The First Elder swallowed hard at the scene. He thought he was dead, but to his surprise, after Jack performed the True Dragon technique, he actually turned the tide of battle so quickly. by himself, he killed six of the elite fighters whose martial art levels were at the peak of the True God Realm!

The green dragon flew and ceased in front of Nash and Kenneth. In a flash of green light, the green dragon disappeared, and Jack appeared, his face was a little pale and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

A mouthful of blood gushed out from Jack and he almost fainted.

Nonetheless, he immediately controlled the flying sword, flew to the woods, only then sat down to rest. He flipped his palm and a healing pill appeared, he then put it into his mouth and swallowed it down.


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