No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1496

“Master, this matter, we are not very clear, after all, we did not see what the specific situation was at that time, furthermore, that place is a forest, there is not much around there, so it is also difficult to investigate!”

The old man laughed bitterly with a helpless face and said. “This also shows that the six of them chose a location that was indeed very suitable to ambush the White family’s Nash and the others. However, just why there was such a fierce demonic beast that would appear and the six of them ending up killed, it’s not clear!”

Having said this, the old man paused before continuing, “By the way, from the scene of some destruction, I also could not see what happened on the ground, since they were fighting in the air above the woods. ”

“What kind of demonic beast was it that was able to decimate all six of them? This demonic beast, even if it is at the peak of the True God Realm, it can’t easily decapitate the six of them, right? Even if you can’t defeat it, using one or two people to hold it back, the other four can also escape, right? This can only mean that the fighting strength of this demonic beast far exceeded them!”

Master Cang’s face was ugly, having six strong people dead instantly, the Cloud Sky Clan’s standing amongst the four ancient clans must have fallen quite far this time.

“It was definitely not the White family people who killed them, they don’t have the ability. It’s definitely not them!”

Lily’s face was equally unsightly, sitting aside in disappointment, her whole body was a bit dumbfounded, “I can only say that their luck was too good, they must not have reached the six elders’ ambush site when the six elders met a fierce demonic beast and were then decimated!”

The more Master Cang Well thought about it, the angrier he became. He impatiently looked at Lily, then said, “It’s all your fault, if you hadn’t rushed to kill them, our six elders would not have died. I was thinking of meeting them inside the dangerous land, and then strike, now well, the loss is so heavy!”

Lily was also angry, and said to Master Cang, “How can this be blamed on me? You also agreed at that time. Besides, this is an accident. no one knows where this fierce demonic beast has come from, And if after going into the seven great dangers and things did not go to plan, would you know where they end up? The danger is so great, having them enter the seven dangers is not so easy!”

Master Cang clenched his fist, after a while, had some doubts and looked at the old man, “Something isn’t right. if it was truly a demonic beast, how are the six of their bodies still there? Could it be that this demonic beast does not like to eat people?”

Lily also reacted, if the demon beast did this would not have left behind the corpse. According to reason, even if it was not all of the corpses, at least a few of the corpses would have been eaten.

She suddenly thought of something and immediately asked the old man, “Right, what about their nano rings? Weapons and stuff, are they still there?”

The old man shook his head, “We searched for them and couldn’t find them!”

“Then the one who took them out, is possibly not a demonic beast!”

Lily was shocked, “But, if it’s not a demonic beast, then how could they be burst by sharp claws? If it was a human, then why would there be such an attack? But, if it’s not a human, why are their nano rings all gone?”

That old man put on a bitter smile and said. “This is understandable, I think it should be that the few elders first ran into a terrifying demonic beast, the demonic beast killed them. Later the three people from the White family, passing by saw them and took their nano rings and what not! This must be the case, only in this case, does it make any sense!”

“Damn, in that case, not only did they not kill the three of them, but also gave them a lot of treasures!”

Master Cang was so angry that his fists were clenched and his face was ugly.

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