No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1497

“The most critical thing is that if the three people of the White family saw their corpses, I’m afraid they also guessed that we sent people to prepare to ambush them. in that case, they will definitely be somewhat defensive in the future!”

After thinking about it, the old man said again.

“Well, you guys have worked hard, go down and rest!”

Master Cang waved his hand, indicating that the others could go down.

“Hey, this loss, it’s really too big, in this case, we will not be able to lift our heads in front of the other three ancient clans in the future!”

When the people left, Master Cang then sighed, looked at the side of Lily, and had some regrets in his heart. This woman is quite good-looking, but unfortunately, because of this woman, their clan suffered a very huge loss.

Finally, Master Cang sat aside and said. “Fortunately, there are still quite a number of people in our sect in the late True God Realm. I hope that recently they have been working to cultivate, so that at least one or two of them can break through.”

Time passed quickly, watching the days go by.

When there were only less than eight days to go to the Cabello family meeting, a man rushed out and stood in the sky, laughing, “Haha, great, great, I broke through, I finally broke through!”

This voice, familiar to many people, got everyone suddenly excited beyond measure, and all immediately ran out as well.

When Jack heard it, his heart was also incomparably excited, he flew directly from the courtyard and laughed, “Third Elder, not bad, haha, finally at the peak of True God Realm, this time, our White family, is considered to have another top powerhouse!”

Lancelot’s face, full of excitement, immediately smiled at Jack, “Hey, this is also thanks to the two pills you gave me. I actually did not have much confidence, but I did not expect to actually succeed, although the breakthrough speed was quite slow, but at least it was successful. It took a lot of time, a little bit of impact, but hey, success is good!”

“Haha, congratulations!”

Many elders and protectors also flew over, each with a face full of envy.

“Great, great, there are at least three strong people with peak True God Realm. haha plus that fighting power of young master Jack, this time, that Hunt family cannot be compared with us!”

Titus also laughed out loud and thought Jack alone killed six peak True God Realm powerhouses. Although word has not spread out, within the White family’s seniors and the White family elders and what not not knowing. This has also given these White family elders a strong confidence, they all feel that now the gap between White family and the four ancient clans is not too big.

If not for the overall number of people, plus the strong people in the True God Realm being slightly less, the depth of their base being not as deep, then the White family definitely could be compared with the four ancient clans.

“Haha, great, I’ve broken through, I’ve broken through!”

To everyone’s surprise, just at this time, an old man rushed out from inside his room and shouted.


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