No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1498

“No way. The Second Elder also broke through?”

Everyone took a sharp intake of breath when they recognized the person who rushed out. What on earth was going on that very day? Two Elders at the late stage of the true god status suddenly broke into the peak in rapid succession. Now, as there was still no way to break into the ultimate god status, the peak of the true god status was the highest cultivation level.


Some people at the intermediate stage of the true god status admired them. Those who had reached the peak of True God Realm were god-like figures to them.

“You broke through as well?”

The Second Elder saw Lancelot and was stunned for a moment. He suddenly came to his senses.

“Haha. I was faster by one or two minutes. You came out right after I did!”

Lancelot said, laughing.

“This is great. Haha. This is fantastic! I didn’t think that the two of us would make a breakthrough. If this is the case, why should we be afraid of anyone? We don’t need to fear the Hunt family anymore. Haha!”

The Second Elder, Titus, laughed in elation. In a flash, they had two more fighters at the peak of the true god’s status. The White family’s overall fighting power was now increased by a significant chunk!

“Haha. There’s still some good news I haven’t told you yet. I’ll tell you personally later!”

The First Elder, Kenneth, burst into laughter, speaking with a mysterious expression.

“What news? My goodness, what happened while we were holding ourselves up? This is great!”

Lancelot grew even more excited when he heard this.

“Hehe. I will tell you two later. There are too many people here. We are trying to keep this information a secret for now. After all, we might attract unwanted attention!”

Kenneth chuckled, and his words made the Second Elder and the Third Elder even more curious.

“Oh, right. I have good news to tell everyone!”

No one expected that at this moment that Jack would look at the crowd, smiling as he made an announcement.

“Young Master, you have good news as well? This is great!”

Kenneth and the others were stunned. They all stared at Jack.

“That’s right. I’ve been trying t o make second-grade intermediate pills these few days, and I finally succeeded two days before!”

Jack gave a wan smile before speaking slowly.

“My God. Really? This is great. Young Master Jack, if that’s the case, you’re now a second grade intermediate alchemist!”

Titus was excited. He took two steps forward and spoke to Jack, “Young Master Jack, do you know what this means?”

“What does it mean?”

Jack frowned. He thought that everybody was celebrating a little too much.

He knew that everyone would be happy once he announced this. But judging from their gazes, they seemed to be far more excited than he had predicted.

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