No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1501

Xavier gave a bitter smile. He was well aware of the extent of his talent and thought that he did not have much hope during his current lifetime. Besides,

Even if Jack was an alchemist,

He could not bear to waste his given pills.

“Every person should have goals. Otherwise, what difference would there be between us and salted fish? Don’t you think so, everyone?”

Jack looked at the crowd, speaking while chuckling.

“Yes. Haha!”

Everyone laughed. All of their futures were full of hope.

“You’ve given the pills to everyone. Now, what are you going to use to cultivate yourself? Didn’t you say that you were going to break into the peak of true god status before going to the Cabello family’s estate?”

Nash looked at Jack and smiled bitterly.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I have a bit of time, no? I’ll create a few more pills today and tomorrow. Then I’ll try to make a breakthrough. I’ve decided that it’s fine even if I fail this time. I can try again next time!”

Jack gave a wan smile and asked everyone again, “Oh, right. I don’t think there’s any more news, right? If there isn’t, everybody should work hard with the remaining time we have. For those who can break into another level, quickly make your breakthroughs. The danger zones are extremely dangerous. All those who are in the True God Realm must go except for two or three who will remain behind to look after the White family.”

“Don’t worry, Young Master. We’ll definitely work hard to cultivate ourselves!”

Yolanda and the others answered excitedly.

After everyone dissipated, Jack accompanied his wife and child for the afternoon. At night, he finally began to quiet himself down to create pills.

Before, he had obtained plenty of martial resources and alchemy materials from the competition. Then, he killed the six elders from the Skies Pavilion, and he obtained even more goodies. That was why Jack had picked out plenty of alchemy resources to put into his martial ring. If he were not pressed for time, he could create even more pills, helping everyone to cultivate themselves.

“It’s a pity that there are too few alchemists in the White family. The alchemists that the First Elder spoke of are those outside the Four Ancient Clans. After all, we don’t usually interact with the Four Ancient Clans and don’t bring them up in our conversations.

“There must be quite a few alchemists among the Four Ancient Clans!”

Jack thought about it and muttered to himself, then he took out a bunch of second grade intermediate alchemy materials and started to create the pills.

He worked for three straight days to create over ten second grade intermediate pills. The more familiar one was with creating pills, the higher the success rate of creating them.

However, Jack still felt hapless. He was aware that the alchemy methods he knew were few. He only had two methods to create second grade intermediate pills. He has been using the same method and did not have the time to try and practice the other method. After all, it was good enough that he increased the chances of successfully creating the pills.

He rested for two days, then he told Selena that he wanted to isolate himself and cultivate his level, as he intended to break into the next level.

Meanwhile, throughout the one month, Selena had also greatly increased her martial level. She was already a seventh -grade grandmaster. The rate at which she had improved was tremendous.

As for Ben, he had reached the level of a third-grade grandmaster. For him, it was satisfactory progress.

Of course, Jack did not expect Kylie to be a prodigy. She had been a third-grade martial artist before, and now she was a sixth-grade martial artist. The little girl still went to school every day, and would only train herself when she had free time.

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