No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1504

“Oh, so you’re working so hard because of that fella. I must say that the power of love is amazing!”

Helena looked at Daniella, and could not help but tease her, “Oh, right, The person you like is probably coming tomorrow. How do you feel now? Are you nervous? Excited?”

Daniella grew even shyer when her big sister teased her like that. She lowered her gaze and ducked her head. “Of course. Can’t I be excited and nervous at the same time? I wonder if he’ll be happy to see that I’ve made a breakthrough!”

“Heh. You’re already in a relationship with him. You just haven’t made the official announcement yet. Of course, he’ll be happy that you’ve made a breakthrough!”

Helena smiled, admiration welling in her heart. She was happy for her third sister, who was able to find such an incredible man. However, she did not know why a tinge of envy twinged her chest as well.

“What relationship? You are the one in a relationship with him. Everyone has acknowledged you! Who knows when we can finally reveal our relationship?”

Daniella pursed her lips, sitting down under a stone pavilion. “Sister Selena is pretty nice to me, and Jack told me that Selena has accepted me. I’m happy because of that. But now I’m worried about how I should break this to Kylie.

“Kylie? Doesn’t she like you? She was sad to see you leave. It shouldn’t be a problem!”

After Helena gave it some thought, she could not help but ask, “oh, right. Since you came back, you’ve been training till yesterday. Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything?”

Daniella looked at Helena and said, smiling, “I didn’t forget. I promised Jack that I would give some Bone Marrow Cleansing Water to his parents. Heh. I’ll go in a while! I didn’t go earlier not because I was busy, but because I was afraid that Father and the others would catch me. With the other families coming soon, they’ll be busy arranging the family estate and preparing to receive guests. Then they won’t have the time to care about the Cleansing Water!”

She did not think that Helena would give her a grin, then take out a small bottle and thrust it toward her.

“What’s this?”

Daniella was confused when she saw it.

“Open it up and see. Then you’ll know.”

Helena rolled her eyes at her sister.

Daniella took a look and took a sharp intake of breath. “My God. This-this is enough for ten people. Big Sister, you stole it for me? Thank you! But someone will definitely tell because you took so much. What if Father finds out?”

Daniella was extremely excited. After she thought about it, she added, “Oh, right. If Father finds out, just say that it was me. Heh. Thank you, Big Sis. I love you so much!”

As she spoke, Daniella kept the bottle, then she hugged Helena and jumped elatedly.

“Don’t-don’t! I didn’t give this to you. It’s Father!”


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