No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1506

“But the First and Second Young Masters of the Hunt family died not too long ago. The Hunt family members are probably trying to find out who it was who killed them. Now is really not the time for me to announce my breakup with Jack!”

Helena pondered on the matter for a while before speaking her mind.

When she heard this, Daniella also scrunched her brows together. She thought for a while before replying, “That doesn’t matter. At any rate, Second Young Master Hunt won’t be disturbing you anymore. Heh. As time goes by, people will start to forget about this. If anyone asks you, just say that the two of you broke up because of irreconcilable differences!”

“You’re just waiting for our fake dating gambit to be over so that you can be with Jack, right?”

Helena rolled her eyes at Daniella, then said in a joking manner, “Seriously. Maybe I should keep him to myself. Your boyfriend is a fine Specimen, after all!”

“Big Sis, you-you. If you do that, I’ll be absolutely livid!”

Daniella stamped her foot, acting cute before her elder sister.

“Heh. I was just joking. I wanted to see how you would react!”

Helena answered, chuckling.

Time passed by quickly. The next morning, the Cabello family began to stir into excitement.

Soon, some second-class and third-class family members arrived.

The second-class and third-class families were going all out this time. They had brought people of the true god and demi-god status along.

Although few fighters were at the peak of True God Realm among these families, those at the advanced or intermediate stage of the true god status still looked forward to finding the method to break into the ultimate god status.

After all, if they found an object that would help them, they would be able to use it one day in the future. It was an unparalleled treasure, something that everybody had their eyes on.

“Ah. The second-class and third class families are here to join the fun. Seriously…”

The First Elder of the Cabello family could not help but heave a sigh when he saw that many people were starting to gather in a huge plaza halfway up the Cabello family’s mountain.

He did not think that even though the Hunt family restored the ancient summoning circle and organized the competition for the younger generation, it would be Jack and the others who won the fame, discovering a clue that might lead them to the ultimate god realm.

Now that he thought about it, he felt pathetic. He had toiled away all those years for nothing

“Let’s go. We can head down now. There are plenty of people there. The Second Elder and the others are welcoming guests there!”

Alejandro smiled and said, “Of course the aristocratic families would come. Who wouldn’t be interested in a matter as big as the ultimate god realm? But they brought so many people here. Plenty will die in the danger zones as well. We have no choice though. We can’t just stop them, can we?”

“Heh. That’s true!”

The First Elder chuckled, flying down along with Alejandro. “The White family is amazing. We still haven’t heard of anything from them. Unless the Cloud Sky Sect did not send anyone to attack them after the wedding, while they were heading back to their estate?”


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