No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1509

“Old Master Hunt, I don’t think there’s a problem with what my son has said. Previously in the competition, the life or death rule was repeatedly stressed by the Hunt family too. All we did was follow this rule. Hmmm. Don’t tell me you want to shove all the blame onto my son and avenge your grandsons, hmm?”

Nash smiled gently while responding to the Old Master Hunt. If the same thing happened back in the time before Jack appeared in his life, he would not dare to speak up so confidently in front of the Hunt family.

“Heh, what are you all talking about here?”

Before the Old Master Hunt could say further, Alejandro immediately stepped in and mediated the situation. “The tournament has long passed, and many sons of families died in that tournament; they were the pearls of families.

However, the principal topic for today is to discuss how to venture into the Seven Dangers and to find a way to break through to the ultimate god realm, right? Those are the things we should be discussing!”

“Master Cabello is right. Let’s not fight over this matter, alright?”

Karima-the head of the Tudor Family-stepped up and voiced out as well. “I’m actually worried about one thing, it’s about the daughter of the Lagorio family. She married the master of Cloud Sky Sect, and I wonder if she told them about the Seven Dangers and the ultimate god realm.”

Everyone stared at Trenton upon hearing Shelby’s words.

Although the Hunt family members were angry, it was not a good idea to strike Jack then so they could only swallow their rage and bury the hatred in their hearts for the time being. When the opportunity comes, they would behead Jack to avenge the young masters of the Hunt family.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that! I don’t know either!”

Panic surged through Trenton when he noticed that all gazes were on him. His face was ashen, and his throat tightened.

It was because he knew the truth, that his daughter had not only told the Cloud Sky Sect about the ultimate god realm, but she also told the other three ancient clans!

If the people of these hidden families knew that Lily was the snitch and even used the information to exchange for training materials and resources, they would not be happy with the Lagorios. Even worse, they might target the Lagorio family in the future.

“You don’t know? Stop pretending! You’re Lily’s father and you claim that you don’t know anything about it? Don’t tell me she never tells you anything at all!”

Shelby stepped toward Trenton and stared straight at him.” But I was informed that your daughter visited the Divine King Sect before she married the master of Cloud Sky Sect. What’s more interesting is that some time ago, a group of people from the Divine King Sect explored two sites of the Seven Dangers! How do you think those men found out about the Seven Danger?”

“Master Lagorio, you must give us an explanation regarding this!”

Nash’s face sank to the deepest as he spoke. None of the hidden families had spread the news, instead, they worked hard to train and prepare themselves sufficiently before discussing how to go to the lands of the Seven Dangers.

The news that the Tudor Family had found out was like a bomb.

“Master Lagorio, did your daughter really spill such important information to the ancient clans? I had doubts before that she would tell the Cloud Sky Sect, but after listening to Master Tudor’s findings, it seems like your daughter has told all the ancient clans about the Seven Dangers and ultimate god realm! Humph! Now all four ancient clans know about it, right? Sigh! I wonder if the other three ancient clans have made a move to the Seven Dangers yet.”

Old Master Hunt was running on sheer anger; he stared deadly at Trenton with malice and hatred written on his face.” The four ancient clans are very powerful! They might act first to get to the Seven Dangers and find the way to break through to the ultimate god realm! And what if they won’t tell us after they’ve figured it out? Then what? Are we, the shadow families, going to be trampled under their feet for the rest of our lives, and never be able to rise?”

Numerous pairs of eyes focused on Trenton that he was mute with horror. His legs were wobbling in fear, and his face went white.

Nonetheless, he wiped the sweat on his forehead and tried to tamp down the panic within him. “Ladies and gentlemen, I really don’t know anything about this at all! Lily never tells me about her plan, and even when she wanted to marry that old man, I tried to stop but to no avail! She simply doesn’t listen to me. So, about the four ancient clans and the ultimate god realm, I truly don’t know anything!”

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