No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1513

Was it not Jack that was supposed to be blasted away? How did it turn out to be the high and mighty Master Collins of the Cloud Sky Sect?


What was truly out of everyone’s expectation was that the Master of Cloud Sky Sect was thrown a hundred feet away before he could stabilize himself on the ground. However, he could not resist the power but spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his face immediately went white.

“No freaking way! He’s injured!”

Daniella of the Cabello family and the others were shocked and dumbfounded. Before that, when they saw that Jack spoke to Joel in an impolite manner, they were truly worried for Jack.

And when Joel charged toward Nash and Jack rushed out to block the attack, Daniella was so scared that she almost fainted. She could not imagine how worried she was. Jack tried to fight against Master Collin’s attack, was he not looking for death?

But now, the scene before her eyes told otherwise!

“Jack, this brat, he’s more powerful than Master Collins?”

Alejandro was even more frightened and could not control but swallowed hard. He then turned to Nash and asked, “Master White, you, he… Your son…which martial status is he at now? Don’t tell me he broke through again!”

Alejandro’s voice was trembling as he expressed his doubts to Nash. Who was Joel? He was one of the top fighters in the peak stage of True God Realm! He could even resist against two or three fighters with the strength of the peak stage of True God Realm if they were to join forces together.

Nonetheless, such a powerful existence was actually blasted away by Jack!

“No! Impossible! There’s no way he’s stronger than me!”

Joel was even more bewildered at the fact. All of this felt so unreal to him; he pinched his thigh harshly, only then he learned that the pinch pained him. So, it meant all of this was real!

“To be honest, my son has broken through to the peak of True God Realm a few days ago!”

Nash smiled nonchalantly at Alejandro and responded in a gentle tone.

“Wow! Jack! You broke through to the next stage too fast!”

Daniella could no longer hold back her excitement and gazed at Jack with a face full of adoration, as though Jack was some priceless jewelry. Sunshine flooded her soul, and she could barely conceal it within her. Jack, the man that she adored deeply, did not at all let her down. He was the perfect man.

“Haha! Brother Jack, you’re so cool! You’re really awesome!”

Rufus laughed out loud as he came over to Jack. He looked at Jack with excitement present in his eyes.

“Master Collin, what’s the matter? Do you still want to fight with us? Haha! You said it yourself that the Cloud Sky Sect has already suffered losses; six elite fighters of the peak stage of True God Realm died! Indeed, Cloud Sky Sect is powerful and deeply rooted, but our White family is not afraid of you!”

Kenneth was even prouder of the White family that he annoyed Joel with a smug look on his face. Jack’s attack had truly shocked everyone there; he made the White family proud, and the status of the White family would definitely increase after the great collision of punches just


Besides, the status of the White family would be different in the eyes of these hidden families from now on.


Anger stirred within Joel that he was almost choking on his rage However, when he thought about Jack’s massive power and strength just now, his heart pounded frantically

At that point in time, he truly did not dare to fight Jack again. What if he lost if he were to fight Jack again? Then the reputation of the Cloud Sky Sect and the image of Master Collin would be flushed down the drain.

He felt that his martial techniques would definitely be more powerful than Jack, and if he used his full strength to fight, his chance to win was higher, but what if he lost? There were many spectators in front of them. Watching him lose to Jack, how humiliating would that be?

After giving the matter some thought, he huffed, “Humph! I underestimated you a moment ago. Do you really think that you can be my opponent? I came here today to discuss important matters and not to fight! So, for the time being, I’d not haggle over you!”


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