No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1514

When Joel spilled the sentence, his tone was arrogant and domineering, not emitting the slightest sense of weakness.

Moreover, most people of the Cloud Sky Sect also thought that their sect master was careless, underestimated Jack, and did not use his full strength. That was why Jack managed to hurt him.

The people of the Cloud Sky Sect had absolute trust and confidence in Master Collins’s fighting prowess.

The crowd consisting of people from the hidden families was not stupid. A high and mighty person like Master Collins of the Cloud Sky Sect was injured by Jack, moreover, he did not want to pursue further! That had obviously implied that Joel was afraid of Jack’s strength to some extent. From these behaviors of Joel, the crowd understood that Jack’s strength and combat prowess were crazily strong.

“Master Hunt, the situation tells us more about young masters’ death. This proves that our young masters were indeed killed by this fella!”

An elder from the Hunt family leaned toward Quentin and whispered into his ear softly.

“You’re right. His combat power is far stronger than what we expected, and it is certainly stronger than his current martial level!”

Quentin nodded in agreement. He learned that Jack possessed an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon and that weapon had aided in increasing Jack’s overall combat prowess.

“Master Collins, spill it! Since you already knew that we intend to explore the Seven Dangers, we’ll not hide it from you anymore. The main reason we didn’t share this information with you is because we are not familiar with what’s in there ourselves. We only blindly plan it without any in-depth information, so we can’t let you take the risk with us!”

Old Master Hunt explained to Joel with a faint smile hanging on his face.

That excuse of Old Master Hunt’ s was sensible and reasonable; it did not offend the mighty status of Master Collins, and even seems to be for the sake of protecting him.

However, Joel was not stupid; he naturally knew the underlying meaning of Old Master Hunt’s sentences.”

“Hmm. Thank you for your consideration. But for such a big thing, it’s worth it for the Cloud Sky Sect to try too. Now, what’s next?” He decided not to argue with Old Master Hunt and thank him instead.

Several horizontal lines formed between Old Master Hunt’s brows when he was just about to share his plan. “Sigh! I’m afraid it won’t be easy to arrange anything right now. Someone else is coming. Heh! It looks like the Cloud Sky Sect is not the only one who knew about this!” he looked away to the far distance as he spoke.

Joel wheeled his head and looked around, then his face suddenly went gloomy and solemn. “People from the Flying Eagle Sect are coming this way, why are they here? Humph! Lily Lagorio, that woman only knows how to create trouble! It looks like she told the other ancient clans as well!”

Anger welled up in his chest; he was upset that Lily told the other ancient clans about the matter; what was worse, she did not inform him about it at all!

If Lily spared the other three ancient clans about Seven Dangers and only told him, the Cloud Sky Sect would become the boss among the ancient clans! They would definitely have the leading advantage! How could he possibly foresee that Lily had actually told the other ancient clans as well?

Trenton’s face fell; he stood aside and remained silent, pretending that he was unaware of everything.

A few moments later, the people of the Flying Eagle Sect arrived at the square. It was not surprising for the Master of the Flying Eagle Sect to see that the people of Cloud Sky Sect were there too. Afterall Lily married the Master of Cloud Sky Sect, it was only natural and logical for Lily to inform Joel about the Seven Dangers.

“Hahaha! It’s lively here, isn’t it? I guess the people of the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Divine King Sect will arrive in a moment, too!”

The Master of the Flying Eagle Sect laughed as he spoke. He was a middle-aged man who looked like he was in his late 40 to early 50. “Shall we wait a little longer for them to arrive?” he added.

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