No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1517

Nash immediately nodded. “It’s likely. After all, they have no idea we know they’ve dispatched their members there.”

Moments later, members of the Divine King Sect flew over and landed before them.

Aureole frowned and was the first one to question, “Master Harry, you guys are…?”

Harry’s gaze swept over the crowd before he spoke with a frown on his face, “To be honest, our people have already separated into three groups and headed for three of the dangerous areas to check things out, and they’ve also returned.”

“Haha…! We thought you wouldn’t admit that, Master Harry, but here you are, admitting it straightforwardly. Lily told me she informed your company about when to gather here, and that we’d enter the Seven Dangers together. Who knew you’d jump into action so quickly? You even gave your word before this!” spoke the chuckling Joel, though dissatisfaction sizzled in his chest.

Harry once again smiled bitterly. “Our people had returned from three of the dangerous areas, but we suffered greatly as many of them in the true god-level and demi-god-level have perished. Many of those in the intermediate and final stages of the true god-level had died, as well as five of our members in the peak stage of the true god-level.”

“And? Are there any leads?” Everybody immediately looked at him expectantly. It seemed to be a good thing that their people had already exited the place, after all. Was it not beneficial to gain information about the areas before they dispatched their own members? After all, the other party sacrificed so many people in exchange for these results!

“Indeed, there are,” Harry’s indifferent reply aroused everyone’s excitement.

“Have you truly obtained ways to break through into the ultimate god-level?” Trenton gulped, and even his breathing had deepened.

Harry smiled and said, “We obtained three balls!”

“Three balls?” Everybody was baffled, not knowing what Harry meant

An elder from a second-class aristocratic family pondered about it and said, “Would consuming these three balls allow us to break through and achieve the fighting prowess of the ultimate god-level then?”

“Oh my god… One ball for each dangerous area? Does this mean there are four others who have the opportunity to break through into the ultimate god level?” theorized another old lady.

“Eat it?” Harry had a weird expression on his face as he took a red ball out. “It’s so big and incredibly solid. Are you guys sure we are going to eat it?”

Everybody was speechless when they looked at the ball. Not only was it as large as a basketball, but it also seemed to be made of rocks and had weird designs engraved into it.


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