No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1521

Jack’s punch sent the Third Elder flying backward, so much so that she flew about 100 meters before she regained her footing.

“Ah!” The Third Elder grasped her right arm with her left arm. Her right arm was fractured due to the impact as the bones broke into several sections.

“How’s this possible? The Third Elder is hurt!”

“It looks like her arm has been broken, doesn’t it? Tsk, tsk! She might only heal in about eight to ten days, even if she took pills to heal her wound!”

“Oh my… What’s the fighting prowess of that young man? The Third Elder is a master with a higher combat power in our ancient clan, yet this young man bested her so easily? Her combat power is one of the highest among the elders in the peak stage of the true god-level!”

The disciples from the Flying Eagle Sect were shocked to the core as their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. What happened had completely overturned their recognition.

In their opinion, it was impossible for masters of the younger generation to compete with masters of the older generation, no matter how strong they were. After all, not only were the elders in the peak stage of the true god-level, but they were also in this fighting prowess level for many years.

“This guy is too strong!” Daniella gulped. “I wonder what’ll happen if he uses his full power!”

“He must’ve used his full power, no?” Helena, who was beside her, also swallowed her saliva as she spoke with uncertainty.

However, they did not know Jack had already broken through into the peak stage of the true god-level, and he did not need to use his entire strength to go against someone with the same fighting prowess. The old lady would not be alive and wailing if he genuinely did.

“Ah!” The old lady wailed in pain, and her agony receded only a little after she took a healing pill out and consumed it.

“How dare you hurt an elder from the Flying Eagle Sect, young man? Let me teach you, one who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, a lesson!” The sect master of the Flying Eagle Sect felt shameful when he saw how an elder from his ancient clan had lost. He then released his overpowering aura and directly flew outward in a flash, colliding against Jack.

“The sect master has taken action. That guy is done for this time!

“That’s right. That guy is a dead man, now that the sect master has taken action!”

The disciples of the Flying Eagle Sect felt somewhat emboldened when they saw their sect master zipping straight into action.

However, they did not expect their sect master to be sent flying backward the next second while Jack remained where he stood and did not even falter a step back.

“This…” Not only the people from the Flying Eagle Sect, but even those from the Supreme Clarity Sect were stunned by what they saw. It felt like an out-of-body experience, utterly surreal. A young man from a shadow family was capable of blasting their sect master away.


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