No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1525

“This doesn’t mean Jack is stronger than them. After all, they merely exchanged regular blows back there, not with martial techniques or the likes. If they truly gave it their all, I don’t think Jack would’ve won!” Trenton was still unconvinced. He wanted to rely on the Cloud Sky Sect to wipe out the White family, and it was to his joy when Joel attacked Jack, but never did he anticipate Jack would send Joel flying in the air.

Joel was even embarrassed to act since so many members of the shadow families were looking at them. That was explainable, at least.

However, the Hunt family was no weak power, and it would be even better if the Hunts fought against the White family.

“Yes, but I don’t have much certainty on the matter. The young man from the White family has power beyond what we expect. We might, however, be able to kill him if we have four or five people attacking him at once,” explained Quentin after he thought about it.

“How’s that possible? Even if the young man has fighting prowess in the peak stage of the true god-level, he had just broken through into that level not long ago. A master like you will be sufficient to go against several of them. If I throw in another one or two more, we can surely kill him!” insisted Trenton confidently.

“Don’t think about killing him yet. Let’s go and inspect the dangerous areas first. I also don’ t know if the ball is the precious item to help break through into the ultimate god level. Sigh… Let ‘s get that ball first before anything else. Let’s study it well; it’d be much easier to break through into the ultimate god-level so I can get my revenge then.” Quentin balled his fists tightly before he waved to them and said, “Come, let’s get going. Once we get to Bright Snow Mountain, we’ll act separately. It’d be up to our respective abilities to find and get the stone ball.”

“Jack, this…this is for you!” Daniella flew up to the White family’s flying sword and passed a small bottle to Jack.” This is the Bone Marrow Cleansing Water from our family. A person only needs one or two drops, and there’s enough for a dozen people in that bottle!”

“Is that so? Thank you!” Jack immediately kept the porcelain bottle into his spatial ring before he softly spoke, “Won’t you father and the others blame you if they knew you gave this to me, though?”

“Don’t worry. My father already knows about it, so it’s alright.” She giggled. “Also, my father also knows that I like you and that you’re just pretending to date my sister, though it’s not time for us to announce our relationship. We’ll be able to do that when the time’s right!” chirped Daniella as she smiled gleefully, filled with anticipation

After flying for some time, Jack stopped his flying sword and, turning to those with him, said, I believe everyone here is willing to follow us to Black Windy Island, but I’m sure everybody has their own agenda. I’d like to ask right now: Seeing as only one of those balls will be there, should the families separate to go on individual searches once we get there? If we meet, do we wrest the ball or should we enter together and nobody takes action by themselves?”

“That’s right. Only one of those balls is in that area, so what should we do? If we go separately, the sacrifice will definitely be greater, but if we don’t, everybody will still fight for it when we see it!” A family master from a third-class aristocratic family frowned. After all, humans were selfish, and everyone wanted to get the stone ball. What if they managed to learn something from the weird stone ball and break through into the ultimate god-level? This was a precious item that everybody longed to obtain.

By the looks of it, the White family had a great relationship with the Cabellos and the Tudors. If the stone ball really appeared in front of everybody, they might fight to the death for the ball.


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