No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1526

“I have no chance of defeating you if we’re fighting for the ball.” Alejandro glanced at Jack and smiled bitterly. “I’ve seen from your combat power just now, and I surely am no match for you.”

Many were shocked to hear Alejandro’s bold words. After all, he was the Cabellos’ family master, a master of a first-class aristocratic family. Jack’s strength must be exceptionally strong for such a family master to claim such high praise in an indifferent way.

With a tight-lipped smile, a family master of a second-class aristocratic family, who was in the final stages of the true-god level, suggested, “In my opinion, we’ll only have such a chance if we travel separately. If we go our separate ways and no one else is with us, people with lower fighting prowess like us will have the chance to get the ball should we spot it.”

Another family master countered, “Won’t we be in trouble if we truly go our separate ways yet encounter extremely strong monster beasts on Black Windy Island? Apart from that, there are many indigenous masters on the island, and it’s likely they’ll attack us mainlanders on sight! These indigenous people must have quite a high fighting prowess, too! This is why the Hunts chose Bright Snow Mountain instantaneously!”

“That’s right! It’s true that our safety is guaranteed if we travel with masters from the White family, Cabello family, Ximenes family, and the Tudor Family –there is strength in numbers, after all. However, we won’t have a chance in obtaining the stone ball.” The previous family master sighed inwardly. They knew that an important treasure, something that everybody was willing to fight for, had appeared, but they could not stand on the same level as other families. They were inferior.

However, he could not miss this trip. He could have a strike of luck if he went, however slim it was, and not going at all would dissipate the opportunity entirely. It would be difficult for him to change his destiny in this lifetime if that was the case.

The thought of attaining the ultimate god-level greatly tempted everyone, even those in the demi-god-level.

The family master of the Ximenes family looked at Jack and asked, “Jack, my brother, what do you think about this?”

Jack’s combat power convinced him greatly, but he also felt that members of the White family would not act so cruelly or cunningly.

For example, they abhorred how the Hunt family and the other families worked together during the previous master-level competition. Who knew what would happen to those who followed the Hunt family into the dangerous area? It was then he weighed his options before he eventually joined the party that would leave for Black Windy Island.

At least he felt that Jack would be slightly open in the way he acted; it was better compared to fighting with those sinister people.

Jack thought of the situation before he answered, “I see that there are around two dozen families here. I’ve thought it through, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the White family or the Cabello family. Everybody might suffer huge losses if we go our separate ways. On the contrary, why don’t we work together? We need to work as one, especially after we enter Black Windy Island. If that’s the case, everybody won’t suffer greatly…”

“As for the balls, they’re rather peculiar items. Those from the Divine King Sect had looked into them for one whole night. They have three balls, and I’m sure that there are more than one person studying the balls, and it’s likely that three people are studying one ball each but failed to learn anything. I’m making a bold guess here. Since there are seven balls in the Seven Dangers, it’s possible that nothing can be learned from a singular stone ball.”

“What do you mean to say? Do we need to gather all seven stone balls and study them together to learn the secrets of breaking through into the ultimate god-level?”

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