No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1527

Master Ximenes was stunned at Jack’s theory, but as he pondered over it, his expression slowly grew into one of surprise.

Jack nodded. “The stone ball isn’t some spirited grass or some spirited fruits, and everyone has seen that it’s not some martial art technique, either. It’s because of this that I’m sure nothing will come out of studying a singular stone ball, no matter who it goes to or how many years you’ll study it. It’s even possible that without gathering all seven stone balls, nobody will learn anything from it!”

“Your words seem to make sense. It’s best if we try to reduce the number of people sacrificed. After all, nobody wants too many people from their family to die in that area, right? This time, some forces might suffer huge losses if they don’t plan ahead. Look at the Divine King Sect, they’ve lost so many masters!” concurred Shirley with a nod. “Why don’t we do this instead: If we come across any spirited grass or fruits, we’ll gather them in a martial ring and give it to one of us for safekeeping. We’ll separate them accordingly after we leave the place. Of course, the families who do more will get more, and others will get less. Everybody. Will need to be ready to encounter monster beasts. How about that?”

“Good, good, that’s doable!” The members of the second-class and third-class aristocratic families were elated to hear the suggestion. They initially fretted that too many people would die and, more so, afraid that the first-class aristocratic families would take the stone ball or kill their disciples upon entering the dangerous area. The suggestion Shirley spoke out, however, benefitted them well as it would ensure the safety of their people all while they had a share of items from the dangerous area.

“Haha… It looks like we made a wise choice to follow Master White and the others!” one of the family masters chuckled and spoke heartily, and many resonated with his sentiment.

“Later on, no matter who obtained the stone ball first, nobody is allowed to take it once it’s stored in the martial ring. Everyone, what do you think of that?” added Jack after he weighed in mentally. “Surely, if the other party hasn’t stored it into the martial ring, it doesn’t belong to anybody, and we can still fight for it. What do you guys think?”

A man in the intermediate stage of the true god-level was delighted. “Yes, yes, that’ll work! Doesn’t this mean that those in the intermediate stage of the true god-level can have a go at it?”

“Alright. Since you’re the strongest person here, we’ll follow what you said!” Alejandro was initially sour about a few aspects yet he still agreed to it, knowing he would not have a chance in getting the ball without any rules as he was not as strong as Jack.

Jack nodded and continued, “However, we’ll have to set in stone one other matter right now, and that’s no matter who gets the stone ball in the end, it can be placed with their family. However, this stone ball belongs to everybody present. This means that if we’re able to obtain a martial art technique from this singular ball and break through into the ultimate god-level, we’ll need to make several copies to distribute them to each family. It’ll depend on individual talents to see who manages to break through into the ultimate god-level!”

“Amazing! Your suggestion carefully took everyone into consideration, Young Master Jack. Splendid!”

“Yes, Young Master Jack! We, the third-class aristocratic families, will have such a chance with this suggestion!” Many members of the third-class aristocratic families gazed at Jack in a different light. He and his White family were powerful people, yet he still considered their circumstances. Such a young man, yet he carried the entire world in his heart.


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