No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1528

Jack looked at the other firstclass aristocratic families’ family masters and smilingly asked, “How about this? Master Cabello, Master Ximenes, what do you guys think?”

“Haha… No problem with that! If it truly is a martial art technique, we can surely share it with everybody. After all, this is for everyone’s greater good! We need to try our best in forming an alliance as it’ll benefit everyone.”

Alejandro chuckled and nodded in satisfaction, starting to admire his daughter’s insight. He had to admit that Jack was indeed a master. Not only was he talented, but he was also well-behaved. More importantly, he was extremely smart as he knew how to win over members of the second-class and third-class aristocratic families.

Members of the second-class and third-class aristocratic families who followed them might even try to indulge or butter up the White family after what Jack had said and done.

At such a rate, the White family would surely emerge as the best among the shadow families sooner or later.

On the contrary, the Hunts were always awfully domineering. Alejandro deduced that with their attitude, they surely would not cooperate with these second-class and third-class aristocratic families, let alone forming such gentlemanly agreements with them.

That attitude would surely make them fight the others upon entering the dangerous area, and they would suffer huge losses for it. It was even likely that these second-class and third-class aristocratic families would not maintain friendly relationships with the Hunt family-they would only be at odds and have a strained relationship instead.

Shirley thought about it and asked, “That sounds doable, Jack, but it’s under the circumstances where we manage to obtain martial art techniques from the stone balls. What if it’s a singular item? For example, what if the stone ball can be consumed after all? What if it’s only sufficient for one person to break through into the ultimate god level? We won’t be able to share that, would we? I mean, there are such possibilities!”

Jack had obviously thought about that as he instantly answered, “That’ll be much simpler; the stone ball will belong to whoever obtained it. After all, this person fought hard to get the item, and we have to respect whoever it is, right? What I mean to say is that if the item can be shared, it belongs to everybody, but otherwise, it’ll belong to the person who got it!

Shirley nodded in agreement. “That’s doable! It’s settled then. I think we should head for Black Windy Island now. The dangerous area of Black Windy Island is in Black Windy Forest, located in the heart of the island. All of us will need to work together when we get there.”

“Alright, it’s decided then. We’ll bring the stone ball back and study it upon getting it. If we truly fail to learn anything from it, we’ll ask the other families who’ll have the stone balls to bring them for a meeting. We’ll then see if all seven balls have to be placed together for us to learn something from it!” Nash was satisfied by his son’s performance. Once they finished discussing things, everybody continued their journey and went straight for Black Windy Island.

As they were large in number and many of them were in the demi-god level, some of them were able to fly as quickly, so they only arrived at the beach located in the southeast direction two days later.

Alejandro turned to the crowd as he addressed, “Everybody, let’s rest to recover our Chi. There are many monster beasts in these seas and we seldom travel by sea, so it’s best if we rest to recover our Chi before we continue traveling!”

The group rested for a few hours before they continued to fly with their carpets, heading toward the vast sea.

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