No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1530

“Second-grade intermediate?” Kevin was stunned and his eyes were soon filled with shock as his breathing turned heavy.

After all, pill remedies were not the only things important to an alchemist-their capability of cultivating a higher grade pill was even more important.

Being able to cultivate a higher pill grade marked the alchemist’ s growth to a higher grade.

Of course, the value brought on by the successful cultivation of a pill was incomparable to the previous pills. A second-grade elementary alchemist and a second-grade intermediate alchemist seemed to differ slightly by level, but this slight difference was enough to raise the latter’s position to be much higher than the other.

After all, the value of a second grade intermediate pill was several times more than a second-grade elementary pill.

“Goodness! Did I hear him correctly? This young man wants to teach our First Elder how to cultivate second-grade intermediate pills?” exclaimed some of the youths from the Cabello family after reeling in shock, thinking they were dreaming.

Some of the older generations frowned and asked in slight disbelief, “Is this a joke? Even if this young man knows how to cultivate pills, it’s impossible for him to learn how to cultivate second-grade intermediate pills on his own, isn’t it? Our First Elder had been studying pill cultivation for so many years, and he can’t possibly be inferior to this young man from the White family!”

Alejandro, who stood nearby and was unable to refrain himself, immediately stepped forward to remind Kevin, “First Elder, what are you waiting for? You can’t learn anything regarding the ultimate god-level from your ancient tome. Why don’t you let him read them? The two of you are alchemists, and it’s nothing strange to learn from each other, right?”

Kevin was still hesitant after he heard this. He thought about it and asked Jack, “Do you truly know how to cultivate second grade intermediate pills?”

Jack laughed and said, “Haha… Of course. Do you think I’d lie to you? After all, I’m the family master inheritor of the White family. How can I lie to you in front of so many people?”

Kevin was quiet for a short moment before adding another condition for himself, “If that’s the case, apart from giving me the second-grade intermediate pill remedy and promising to teach me how to cultivate these pills, you need to give me a second-grade intermediate pill first. How else will I know you’ll keep your promise to teach me in the future?”

“That’s right. You need to give him at least a second-grade intermediate pill!” Alejandro chimed in as it was great for them to get more benefits.

Some among them who understood pills were just as stunned after they heard the First Elder’s exclamation.

Two of them even moved forward to take a closer look, and there was indeed an obvious layer of cloud-like texture on top of the pill.


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